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What am I doing wrong? 7 mo waking

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homeagainhomeagain Thu 06-Jan-11 22:05:11

I know every child is different but our DD1 settled well from about 4 months and settled at 7 most nights and that was her until about 6 the next day.

Our DD2 is a different story, she'll fall over to sleep no bother at about 8 pm but then wakes at 9.30-10. She is still very tired and doesn't want a feed and just cries whilst we're cuddling her but also cries when we put her in her cot. It is getting worse and she won't settle now until midnight. Last night she woke every two hours but seemed exhausted. No temp, gave bonjela and calpol, she just seemed angry at being put to bed. Crying it out doesn't work.

I'm not sure where we've gone wrong. I could just do with a some tips to look at this from a fresh perpsective. I'm going back to work soon and could do with my wee one being a bit less unsettled.


stottiecake Thu 06-Jan-11 22:19:53

I gave up (quite early on!) trying to settle ds in a cot and opted for co-sleeping which works brilliantly for us but is definitely not for everyone I know!

I don't think you have gone wrong anywhere - just they are wee people going through enormous changes. Perhaps teething or growth spurting or separation anxiety or working on some new skill or other. No advice (sorry)

Hope you all get some sleep soon (and someone comes along with some good ideas...)

louloubelle Thu 06-Jan-11 22:22:59

Has she started solid foods in the last few weeks...I noticed that my 4 were always a bit unsettled for first couple of weeks after solids/crawling/walking. Just different sensations in their body? Stick to whatever routine you have, it is usually just a short phase....

homeagainhomeagain Thu 06-Jan-11 22:36:45

Thanks, tried co-sleeping but she just got more upset. She has been on solids for a while but is just about to master crawling - it could be that. I think she has become aware that we are still about when she goes for a sleep. I'll just have to keep muttering 'this too will pass'.

I'm just always hopeful there will be a magic wand to wave. Can always dream.

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