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End of my rope!

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Stampingground Thu 06-Jan-11 11:51:42

I know, this one has probably been done a million times but I'm at my wits end!
My recently turned 1-year- old DD has decided to stop sleeping. I don't know what's happened? Prior to this she wasn't a great sleeper, but did sleep through the night at least three times a week and had her daytime nap ( in her buggy mostly ) without any problem at all. On the nights that she'd wake we would go to her, shush her ( in her cot ) sometimes pick her up but always put her straight back. She'd hd some terrible nights, but not regularly.
She's settled herself back to sleep on her own on numerous occaisions, but it now seems as though she's lost this ability.
The strange thing is - nothing has changed. No new routine, no new babysitter, no jabs, nothing.
Now, she is screaming blue murder when we put her to bed. Last night she screamed and made herself sick. And she's also waking at around 2am every night, wide awake and then screaming after we check her and then leave the room. Last night she woke at 2am and went back to sleep at 6am!!!
Basically, it appears as though she wants company, but then is rubbing her eyes and wants to sleep, but , for some reason, can't.
Even her daytime nap has gone pear-shaped. She's yelling and screaming then, too.
I tried very controlled crying with my older DD ( ie checked on her every minute ) when she was a baby and it seemed to work very easily. But nothing seems to be working with this one. Not shushing, not a bottle, not letting her cry it out, not bringing her in the bed. We've tried everything. help!!! All advice really welcome.

Serendippy Thu 06-Jan-11 12:25:10

Separation anxiety? If she sleep with you there, what about a couple of nights with her in the bed with you? That way, if she settles you can reassure yourself that there is nothing seriously wrong and start on the more strict methods of sleep training such as the CC you did with DD1. I don't know if this is the age for it, but it is possible that she is missing you (sweet when you think about it wink ) and might, as you say, just need the company for a bit.

Hopefully you will get lots more advice, let us know how it goes.

Stampingground Thu 06-Jan-11 12:32:45

Thank you Serendippy. But she doesn't sleep when I'm there, she just stops yelling and then wants to play shock
So we both end up in the bed awake, her hitting me, grabbing pillows, chattering etc for hours. She eventually goes to sleep, but then I'm wide awake!
Not sure if it's separation anxiety, or just anger that no-one will play with her in the middle of the night confused

Serendippy Fri 07-Jan-11 12:09:38

It seems early but maybe she is ready to shorten or drop her daytime nap, or have it early in the morning? Sounds hard work! Bumping this for you. Might be worth moving it over to sleep as someone recently put a plea in AIBU and now sleep is a buzzing place! Hope you get some advice.

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