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6 yr old dd behaving like a bitter pill

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silentcatastrophe Thu 06-Jan-11 08:52:19

She hates me, she complains every time I put food on the table, she screeches, she has pushed her little sister down the stairs. Basically her behaviour can be ghastly. We have been using a smiley/grumpy face chart which has been quite helpful... up to a point. Recently she would have been getting many more grumpy faces for hitting her sister, kicking her dad, being rude to me...

On the other hand, she can be very kind and considerate and she does respond and say sorry. I think it is something she is going through at the moment and it's hard for her. It's hard for me and her dad too, and I do not know how to ease her mind. I feel like a lousy parent and I'm really upset.

HattiFattner Thu 06-Jan-11 09:00:28

scrap the grumpy faces and focus on the smiles

Make bad behaviour an immediate 6 minute time out. Make sure you and DP are singing frm th same hymn sheet on this one.

If more than 3 time out in a day -> early bedtime

Have a really dull place for time outs.

offer a nice reward once you have x number of smileys - ie 10 smiles = special bubbles in the bath, 10 minutes extra until betime; staying up to watch (programe of choice); a donut on Saturday - whatever is going to be a big lure for her. (ie not just sweets and big day out that you cannot offer for ages because you cant afford it).

This means you can be generous with your smilies too!

silentcatastrophe Sun 09-Jan-11 17:22:01

I guess that a lot of it is regaining control of the telly zapper and the other things she enjoys. I am really fed-up with making food that the girls don't like. Today I have decided that I am not going to give them food to complain about. Instead they can have bread by itself. I am very fed-up with them.

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