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Just a phase or is this it?

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bluesmile10 Thu 06-Jan-11 06:51:20

My ds (7 mo) has taken to waking betwwen 20 past and half past 5 in the morning and wont go back off!!! Is this it ofr the foreseeable or is there some magic way of getting him to sleep for another hour or so? Very unsupportive other half who says he just cant put up wiyh it!!

Also this is shifting breakfast earlier and earlier - should i give him bottle on waking or just breakfast early?

mamaloco Thu 06-Jan-11 07:10:01

For me it was it with both DDs. At 7 months I could still give a bottle in the dark, no talking and put them back to sleep a bit, but a few weeks after they are full of energy and fully awake by then.
some people will tell you to put them to bed later (15 min/day) till the desired time but it never worked for me. I just suck it up and go to bed earlier.
Some of my friend close the door of their kids bedroom and don't go in till 7 no matter what. They also have one of those light clock, but I find that a bit mean. the kids are use to it, they are fine but I guess it took some screaming at the start confused

bluesmile10 Thu 06-Jan-11 09:22:13

It just feels really young to just leave him til then. His bedtime isnt too bad either - between 7 and half past!!!! I've just got my fingers crossed it extends slightly otherwise I might kill dh who does nothing but moan about it!!!!

mamaloco Thu 06-Jan-11 10:20:29

DD1 (6) does 20h till 6h/7h now (since 2.5/3 yo) at 7/11 months she was doing 18h30 till 4h. There is hope grin but may be not as fast as you want!

Eliza70 Thu 06-Jan-11 10:26:08

It might be a growth spurt. I would try givingbthem a bottle and putting them back to sleep. In my opinion they are waking because they are hungry not because they had enough sleep. DS 2 was the same for a few days over Christmas as his routine was all over the show so we went back to some night feeds which meant he went back to sleep and we got a lie in!!!

Rugbylovingmum Thu 06-Jan-11 11:32:13

DD was the same and nothing we tried made any difference. She woke at 5.30 every morning no matter what and if we put her to bed later she just woke up grumpy. Same thing happened if we tried to cut down on her sleep during the day. It started creeping towards 6/6.30 when she turned 1. Now she is 14 months, sleeps less during the day and has just moved up to the big room at nursery and has suddenly started sleeping in until 7-7.15 am. It is wonderful so I just hope it continues.

I really sympathise sad, at least my DP is a morning person and happy to do more than his share of mornings once I stopped feeding but I hate getting out of bed. I think some kids are just programmed to wake early and it's easier to just go with it.

RockyAddict Thu 06-Jan-11 12:52:58

Do you still feed him during the night time?

RockyAddict Thu 06-Jan-11 13:17:00

No reply...
Ok. Could you not set your alarm for say 4.45am and then give him a feed without waking him? Much easier than it sounds, honest.

I did this with DS2 when he was really little. I scooped him up and fed him a bottle or boob while he was sound asleep. He only takes what he wants and no winding required aferwards.

Could mean he sleeps through afterwards because his tummy is full. Also breaks the habit of waking up at 5.30am.

If it is a growth spurt - likely - it should only last a couple of weeks.

Mobly Thu 06-Jan-11 18:04:44

Does your DS sleep through from bedime until 5.20 ish then op? If so, that is brilliant IMO. But yes, try a feed and re-settling if you possible. It's worth a try. Also try putting to bed later if that doesn't work.

It is possible your DS will be an early riser but it is also possible that when he is more mobile and you can tire him out more in the day, that he will sleep longer.

bluesmile10 Sat 08-Jan-11 22:07:42

Sorry rocky addict, computer probs meant no access!! No he doesnt have a night time feed any more. Will give the idea of feeding him earlier a try and see how it goes. Thanks.

Mobly - yes he does sleep through til then from about 7.15 - so I know in a way thats lucky

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