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Do babies dream???

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jo82 Sat 30-Aug-03 21:22:57

ds has started waking up every now and again screaming. its def not teeth/wind/heat/cold or anything like that.

could it be a bad dream???

xMISSYx Mon 01-Sep-03 20:05:18

most likely, I read somewhere that a child dreams even when they're in the womb. Are sure that your child isn't in pain?

codswallop Mon 01-Sep-03 20:11:46


vkr Mon 01-Sep-03 20:51:13

Ok here comes the nutcase

If you are sure that you have ruled out an ear infection - most common cause of an instant hit of pain - how about a ghost - if willing to consider this idea because such screaming only happens in one room do say and I shall give you my remedy - used twice to great effect - ok now I am on the list of nutters !!

spikeycat Tue 02-Sep-03 07:37:51

come on then vkr, you have me interested in this....

easy Tue 02-Sep-03 14:42:17


You're not a nutcase, I'm fascinated, do please tell us more

xMISSYx Tue 02-Sep-03 15:21:48

yes plz do, inform us of your knowledge, and you're not a nutcase!

jamsy Tue 02-Sep-03 16:02:07

Ooh if you can solve this then great! My ds (20 months) does this on and off - apparantly it is night terrors, which are bad dreams which don't wake them up. Very distressing as they can scream for up to an hour, and you're not supposed to wake them, although we found (last night!) that taking him outside in the cooler air woke him gently and he calmed down. Some milk, a cuddle, back to bed. They don't remember anything but it's horrid for you!

tinyfeet Tue 02-Sep-03 16:06:04

vkr, I think you're a nutcase

Seriously, DH and I used to discuss what DD dreamt about. We decided she dreamed about a big huge nipple gushing with milk. She used to smile and laugh in her sleep. I'm pretty sure babies dream.

badjelly Tue 02-Sep-03 16:07:13

My dd (nearly 9 months) does this to a lesser degree, she starts crying in her sleep - the sobbing sort of cry that breaks your heart - but we just give her her dummy and stroke either her head or cheek gently and that usually does the trick with us

DaddyCool Wed 03-Sep-03 13:41:04

Another nutcase I'm afraid. I found what vkr said really interesting. My DW and I were talking about this the other night and we reckon we have *good* ghosts in the house.

I know that sounds really weird but it was something I've been thinking since we moved in a couple years ago and I was really taken by surprise when DW mentioned it the other day, obviously thinking the exact same thing.

DS (8 weeks) wakes in the night crying rather loudly then stops suddenly as if someone is soothing him.

As well, he spends alot of time focusing on an empty area of the room frequently (this is probably normal for babies). This isn't the only thing. We frequently smell pleasant smells around the hallway and nursery that can't be explained and the house just has this secure feeling about it.

I think it might be the original owners and I think they actually help us out from time to time!!

I'm a complete wacko

vkr Wed 03-Sep-03 14:05:29

Thanks for the support

Daddycool if you have a soothing presence then I should think it was best not to try this (see below) as any assistance is great in the middle of the night. I wouldn't necessarily link the presence to a previous owner - what about a deceased relative ?

If the presence is causing problems rather than solutions then light a candle in the room and talk out loud to the presence asking it to leave the room/house and not disturb ds or dd. Please ask nicely - you wouldn't want to leave if you were ordered out of the house. I seem to remember that you are supposed to leave the candle alight all night - I would NOT recomend this - especially in a baby's room.

However, if the child is not waking up and is crying in the sleep then I would not think that there was a presence causing this.

It is my understanding that babies can sense far more than adults can as they have not developped the disbelief function as yet.

Hope this helps - please do not leave any lit candles unattended - that would give me nightmares !!

vkr Wed 03-Sep-03 20:38:50

Does no one want to take issue with me on this one ?

sobernow Wed 03-Sep-03 20:50:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mimm Thu 04-Sep-03 09:33:44

i have a recurrent nightmare that when i go into my 5m ds room for a night feed that there is already someone standing over the cot. i sometines feel panicky as i approach the room.

Bobsmum Thu 04-Sep-03 10:07:55

I believe in spirits like the ones you're describing but from a Christian persective. I don't believe in ghosts, because I believe in heaven and hell - people are not left behind to pester family members. However I do believe that there are other powers in this world which we know very little about and are best not to dabble with them. The Bible states quite clearly about there being powers of the air, namely demons and spirits which have the sole purpose of confusing and frightening and leading people away from God. They are supposed to be cunning, Satan is described as a "prowling lion waiting to devour", meaning that demons can masquerade as other things, as it were -eg "friendly" ghosts. Don't mess.

spikeycat Fri 05-Sep-03 07:21:37

Crikey, I'm sitting here with all my hackles raised withs mimms & sobernowsposts...

StripyMouse Fri 05-Sep-03 08:01:48

jo82 - so come on then! We are all anxiously waiting to hear your progress and whether or not you have tried vkr’s candle ceremony or not?!!

mimm Fri 05-Sep-03 08:57:41

spikeycat i don't really believe in ghosts, i think that i am suffering from new mum fear and panic (and tiredness)

spikeycat Fri 05-Sep-03 10:29:35

Still, Its the very thought of it! Luckilly when your ds starts sleeping through you won't have to go down the landing scared anymore!

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