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little bumps on hands and fingers (7 months)?

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Sassles Tue 28-Dec-10 22:29:12


We are baby led weaning and going well so far. However, I noticed today in the bath that my 7 month old DS has lots of little raised lumps over the backs of his fingers and back of hand near the thumb. He is constantly chewing on his hands and fingers as he is teething and with BLW he has his hands in his mouth a lot to shove food in.

Do you think these bumps are just due to him chewing on his hands alot or a sign of something else e.g. mild allergy to something? They don't seem to be itchy and are not enflamed at all, just a bit rough feeling.

I've been googling, but all mentions of eczema come with the bumps being itchy.

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