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Boys' feet sizes aged 12-18 months/50th centile

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GrizzlyMacDuff Tue 28-Dec-10 10:37:09

what size feet do your boys have? DS has quite wide feet, going to get them measured, but wondering what the 'norm' for an average sized boy is?

I am about to buy him some shoes, and have no idea what size to buy! Am also aware that clarks/startrite etc all size differently, and I don't intent to buy from either of those places!

llareggub Tue 28-Dec-10 10:42:04

Go to an independent shoe shop with a fitting service. You'll know then. Where do you intend to buy the shoes from if not from Clarks etc?

Bunbaker Tue 28-Dec-10 10:53:58

Whatever you do, please don't try and guess. I think it is important to have your child's feet properly measured. The only thing is you might know the size, but shoes in different styles fit differently.

I take a size 6, but not all size 6 shoes are comfortable. Is it worth wrecking your child's feet for the sake of a few quid?

This link explains why poorly fitting shoes aren't a good idea:

Incidentally, both my mum and MIL wore badly fitting shoes as children and this contributed to really painful bunions in MIL's case and painful bunions and really unsightly hammer toes in my mum's case.

I buy cheap clothes for DD, but shoes is something I don't skimp on.

GrizzlyMacDuff Tue 28-Dec-10 11:07:21

no don't worry I won't guess! whatever size he is though according to clarks say, that won't necessarily be the same for say Shoo Shoo leather slipper shoes or kickers (which I have seen little padder ones of, very cute!). Will go find an independent fitters for a good idea.

I have no intention of him wearing shoes at all where possible, only for when he wants to walk on cold floors outside in this weather, and I don't want him wearing hard shoes just padders/leather slip ons. He is only just stumbling at the moment, not proper walking. Bare is best right?! Once he is ready to wear actual shoes, I will use startrite or clarkes.

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Tue 28-Dec-10 13:10:01

DS only wears shoes outside. He's a size 4.5 (clarks) and 50-75th centile in weight, 25th for height and 14 months.

When he started walking, I only got him shoes for outside. Even on the wood floors, he was either bare foot or slipper socks (grips on the bottom)

mumsgonemad123 Tue 28-Dec-10 23:28:10

Always bought Clarks, twin boys were both size 4E at 13 months and now gone up a whole size to 5E at 17 months. So £28 first shoes lasted just 4 months and now second pairs £32 each. E fittings are never in the sale

cece Tue 28-Dec-10 23:47:58

DS got a pair size 4 and half G at the age of 17 and hlaf months. His first pair were 4G.

Clary Tue 28-Dec-10 23:53:43

I would buy him the size that fits him tbh.

There is no way of knowing except by having his feet measured. My DCs' first shoes were 4.5G, 4F and 3.5H so not much parity there!

I do actually find that Clarks and Startrite do size the same actually FWIW.

I wouldn't buy him anything at all until he is actually walking and no decent shoe shop should sell you any either.

GrizzlyMacDuff Wed 29-Dec-10 15:05:38

clary he needs something on his feet though while he toddles on grass etc otherwise he will never touch the ground outside, not til proper walking! I don't want him to be a baby who dislikes mud/grass etc, so just wanted to buy some soft soled shoes to wear for 10 mins before he gets proper shoes.

Obviously I would not stuff him in a pair of shoes that don't actually fit him, and when I get actual shoes they will be properly measured, same as DD.

Clary Wed 29-Dec-10 16:01:56

In that case I might be tempted by those Daisy Roots things, little slip on leather shoes, not cheap tho.

Agree it is tricky with a winter almost walker!

trixie123 Wed 29-Dec-10 18:11:59

17 month old is currently a 4H in clarks shoes and has just got the hang of walking outside - really bad time of year for it cos he can't practise without getting soaked! I just bought him a splash suit so he can fall over whenever he likes!

mistressploppy Wed 29-Dec-10 20:19:03

My 14mo was in Twinkle Toes (just like Daisy Roots) until he could walk, and still is in them indoors. He got proper Clarks on his first birthday and 8 weeks later he got remeasured and went from size 3.5 to size 5!!!!!

The moral is, don't spend a lot of money if they are a) hardly walking and b) growing rapidly!

APixieInMyMulledWine Thu 30-Dec-10 08:06:27

My 21 month old still doesn't like wearing shoes. Lol.

When I had him measured in Claris tue first time he was 15month and a 5g (according to them) they sold me two pairs. He wouldn't walk in them. Would just sit down and cry whenever I put them on him.

I went to next, got his feet measured there, he was a size 6. Put some shoes on him and he toddled off looking well proud of himself.

Never gone to Clarks since. Now at 21 months wears a size 7 (when I can actually get shoes on him, he would still rather walk around town with just socks on if I let him)

APixieInMyMulledWine Thu 30-Dec-10 08:07:27

That was supposed to say "when I had him measured in Clarks the first time...... blush

mistressploppy Thu 30-Dec-10 10:34:53

shock that's terrible, Pixie!

Bunbaker Thu 30-Dec-10 19:50:54

"When I had him measured in Clarks the first time he was 15month and a 5g (according to them) they sold me two pairs."

I am a meanie. I have never bought two pairs of shoes at a time for DD because she grows out of them two quickly. At that age I see very little point unless it is a pair of trainers and a pair of wellies.

APixieInMyMulledWine Thu 30-Dec-10 20:34:55

It was summer, It was a pair of shoes and a pair of sandals.... Does that count? lol.

GrizzlyMacDuff Sat 01-Jan-11 11:55:52

trixie he has the splash suit already, just something on his feet and he will be off! maybe a pair of wellies?!!!

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