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Sleep time changed - HELP!!

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bluesmile10 Mon 27-Dec-10 11:00:25

My 7 month old ds used to sleep (with some waking) til about 7am. However, since having had a chest infection recently - his sleeping has changed.

He now sleeps through til about 5 am and then the crying starts - once picked up he stops and will fall asleep on my shoulder, but if I try to put him down he just cries again. I'm sure he doesnt want to get up at this time, as he is falling asleep on me!!

How do I change this pattern? I find it hard to just let him cry! Any suggestions or advice gratefully received please!!

trixie123 Tue 28-Dec-10 18:50:38

its really frustrating when you think you have it all sorted and know what to expect and then it all changes! How long are you leaving him to cry and what did you do when he was smaller to get him (mostly) sleeping through the first time? It may be that you have to sort of start all over again. Its hard to listen to them cry but if you decide to do that it REALLY helps to literally time how long it is, because it seems like forever but actually it will only have been a few minutes and if you can KNOW that for sure it makes it easier to bear. Don't worry about neighbours - we live in a small vic. terrace and I would often apologise and they'd always say they never heard anything!

bluesmile10 Wed 29-Dec-10 11:52:54

Feels like I'm leaving him for ages, but like you say probably not that long. The thing is I didnt really have to do anything to get him to sleep = he's just kind of done it himself gradually!! Think I might have to go down the road of letting him cry a little longer and see what happens. Thanks

mumsgonemad123 Wed 29-Dec-10 16:12:29

just wanted to add that it might just be a little phase that could last just a relitively short time, My twins (now 17 months) sleeping has changed naturally so much, lots of little good and bad phases over the months. We went through a tough time with them at about 9 months old ish where they woke at 4 to 5am every morning then by 11 months old they were back to waking at 7.30am. we did nothing to change it, it just happened naturally. At the mo we are at our wits end as they are currently not tired/going to bed till 10pm BUT they sleep till a blissful 8 to 8.30 in the morning!! i know once their day time nap dissapears then it will sort itself out again. i think you've just got to ride the bad patches out and take heart in knowing its not forever!! As soon as you think a sleep pattern is here to stay it changes again.

Personally if it was me i would just scoop him up and take him into your bed if he falls asleep again, i am very much into the whole 'just do whatever is easiest' thing. That is what we did with the 5am wakings. i think i have had to be that way with twins.

Dr Sears Baby Book is worth a read, its not to be followed to the letter (some of it is quite wacky) but its about attactment parenting and being flexible. if he stops crying and falls asleep on your shoulder then just keep doing that for a while, any dont worry about it becoming a habit, he'll change again soon enough!!

All just my own opinion of course. not saying its right for everyone

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