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Worried about 22mth old

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MrsOCD Wed 22-Dec-10 20:47:57

My DD2 is 22 months. DD1 is 4 years. DD1 was very well-behaved, "textbook" baby and toddler. No tantrums, bright as a button, fed herself well blah, blah. DD2 - she can only say a few words, can hum/sing rhymes, has zero concentration, has amazing rages/tantrums and when it comes to pointing to things in books etc, she does not engage. I hate to compare them but I'm sure things were different when DD1 was that age. I love them both dearly but am so worried there are real development/speech problems with DD2. Am I worrying unnecessarily? Surely she should be able to say more than she does??

wannabeglam Wed 22-Dec-10 20:54:47

I'd search through here a bit - been a few posts recently about same things - same age. I'd say don't worry for now. Babies develop at different ages and make big, sudden leaps.

WasUnderThirthy Wed 22-Dec-10 20:58:54

All children develop differently of course, but just to be safe, it would not hurt to speak about it with your pediatrician.

Speaking from experience, it can take a while to get appts.

anonymosity Thu 23-Dec-10 03:55:32

I wouldn't worry - a lot of it has to do with temperament and personality and how much one-on-one time there is to go around.

lingle Thu 23-Dec-10 09:43:30

As you're already worried I'd treat yourself to copies of

the DVD Teach me to Listen and Obey which you cna buy on the website


the book "it takes two to talk" published by Hanen, available from Winslow, expensive worth it.

good luck, bump the thread after christmas if you want to talk more.

smallwhitecat Thu 23-Dec-10 09:52:01

Message withdrawn

IsItMeOr Thu 23-Dec-10 09:56:25

I would second what smallwhitecat is saying about the not engaging being the only thing that stands out to me. Otherwise you could be describing my 21mo DS. And most of his little friends .

Will she be getting her two-year check up with HV soon? They will be able to help you with these things I think. Only unsure as they're too stretched to do the checks around our way any more.

MrsOCD Mon 03-Jan-11 14:14:48

Thank you for your responses - sorry bit delayed coming back.
I will chat with HV in the next coming weeks. Have been watching her very closely over the last few days and when she WANTS to, she does engage with games/books but can quickly throw a tantrum/rage even if pages are not turned over as she wants them to be...maybe this is just normal for a a little one of her age and DD1 was just a bit exceptional. Thank you again. My worry does stem from a friend who has a DD of the same age who can talk very well, put her shoes on, eat with cutlery - should know by now the Comparison with other kids is not always a good thing!

willowthecat Mon 03-Jan-11 16:51:24

Don't expect too much of the HV - At this age, the tendency is to fob off rather than to get the child a full paed assessment. Some things you mention do raise genuine concerns so you are not wrong to at least want a professional opinion. It is hard to be the one pushing for more information as it feels unnatural as the mother, as if you are criticising your own child. The more you do now, the quicker you will either get an answer or get your concerns resolved.

beingsetup Mon 03-Jan-11 16:59:10

If shes not pointing it might be a warning sign?

However I have four kids, two bright as buttons and two slow to talk - my 8 year old didn't talk until 3 and is really clever now!

Kids do have different personalities as well, sadly as Im finding out after two relaxed kids who never have tantrum I have a little stressy bessy who has them all the time!

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