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weaning prob- an suggestions?

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stripes02 Wed 22-Dec-10 17:53:35

DD was doing great on the purees when i started (about 5 1/2 months) but now a month later she's suddenly decided solid food, especially anything spoon fed, is not for her, no way mummy, pursed lips/spit it out etc...
I understand this is not all that uncommon, that i shouldn't stress, she's still happily glugging her milk, but does anyone have any suggestion what to do now?
So far i've tried just giving finger food for the last couple of days, which she will try a little bit of (very little actually consumed), but whenever she sees the spoon even from a distance the lips are immediately clamped shut!

Advice welcome!

Justalittlereindeer Wed 22-Dec-10 18:39:11

Have a read up on Baby Led Weaning.

There's really no need to push the puree at all. Especially if he's still having lots of milk.

My DD is 17 months and we did BLW with great success from 5 months. No puree, no arguments.

Tis great!

stripes02 Wed 22-Dec-10 19:20:55

i've had a look about this... the thing as the moment she will self-feed a little, but when I say a little i really mean like half a baby rice cake... do i just chill and wait for this to increase naturally? it seems like not enough...

headfairy Wed 22-Dec-10 19:23:54

let her feed herself. my dd recoils at the sight of a spoon so I got fed up and plonked the bowl in front of her with as spoon in one day and she was away. Mind you, she wasn't really doing purees, more like blw, but even so. She's 1 next week and prefers to feed herself totally now, her 3 year old brother still sits there with his mouth open waiting for me to feed him - I tell him to close it or a bus will park in there!

headfairy Wed 22-Dec-10 19:25:15

oops sorry didn't read your other post. Yes, let her feed herself even if its' teeny amounts, she'll get better at it and she'll start getting more in. She needs to learn it all though so it might take a bit of time. Don't forget her tummy is still really tiny too, a really small amount will fill her up fast.

thatsnotmymonkey Wed 22-Dec-10 19:28:39

It is really hard not to worry about how much they are eating, and I get very anxious when DS doesn't eat. However, I would continue with offering finger foods and letting your DD chose the pace. BLW worked for us, and my DS is a great self feeder with great cutlery control- most of the time.

Could be teething? Maybe try a wee bit of calgel on her gums before eating?

stripes02 Wed 22-Dec-10 19:47:55

yes she is teething i think (has 2 teeth, bright red cheeks and very grizzly today) will try the gel that is great idea.
will carry on with the finger foods then, and maybe try again with the puree later when she can manage spoon-feeding herself? i think she's a little way off having the dexterity for that.
it is right phafff making puree and then can't help feeling disappointed when she won't even have one spoonful!!

Justalittlereindeer Wed 22-Dec-10 21:23:00

I'd def stick with the finger foods. You really don't need to go back to purees at all.

Once they turn 6 months they can eat everything you have (except honey and whole nuts).

Just share a little of what you're having/cooking for the rest of the family.

Until she's 1, the majority of her nutrition should come from milk anyway. Up until then she's just learning about food, flavours and textures.

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