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Pre-Teen angst !

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3children Wed 22-Dec-10 15:59:51

Grrr....anyone else out there ready to cancel xmas due to their pre-teen attitude/ungratefullness/terrible all round attitude in general ?
Am at wits end ! Im a mother of 3, an experienced childminder and a qualified practitioner to boot, so you would think some where down the line I might just have all the answers to my 11 year olds behaviour.

1) Do I manage his behaviour positively ?
Answer to self : I try....wink In all my years as a parent I havent resorted to smacking but I'm about ready to launch physical abuse intended, am having a "thought process" and a negative one at that !
2)Do I counteract his cheeky attitude positively ?
Answer to self : Of course ! No playgroungd tactics here lol No "You said, well I said, Do as youre told, Shut up, Get out of my sight.....hmm here....well not much...well perhaps...oh okay pretty much always after at least 15 mins such a failure on this level, lots of juvenile retorts from'd think I'd learn lol

Having had lots of experience and workings of the under 8s Im thinking how the hell do I deal with this anger, resentment from him. I wouldnt say he's a juvenile or even terrible but god he's wearing thing on the pleasantness. I appreciate and respect that all kids are individuals and I dont want to pigeon hole him or resort to labelling him as a difficult child, but I seriously seem to lack the upper hand in his defiance in backing down or letting go in something that displeases !

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