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QuadMummy Tue 21-Dec-10 16:23:50

I have a six year old step-niece who I adore. She has been in my life for about three years. But I dread Christmas and her birthday. The reason why is, she snatches presents, doesn't say thank you (nor do her parents get her to), doesnt really look at what she has been given, then asks if there are more. I was brought up to say thank you and to never, ever, ask for presents (we always went to my aunties house boxing day and she always had presents under the tree for us, but even though we knew they were there and were anxious to open them, no way would we have asked for them! In fact one christmas, it was only when we were putting our shoes and coatson to go home that my auntie suddenly remembered the presents lol)

Is this (my niece) normal behaviour for a six year old? How can I get her to calm down, and to appreciate what we have bought her, without upsetting her parents? I know that she is only six and christmas and birthdays are very exciting for them, but I hate it. I hate that we spend a lot of money on here and it isn't really appreciated. On her birthday this year, we made excuses to not see her on her birthday, but took her presents the day before when she was at school. We then saw her the day after her birthday and she asked where her presents were! We reminded her she already had them. a little while later, I asked what she'd had for her birthday and she didnt even mention what we had bought her.

polarfox Tue 21-Dec-10 16:47:32

I would say, based on my 3, that at 6 they need prompting for 'pleases' and thnk you' and constant reminders about not asking for things- the key to success is repetition!! It does eventually sink in, but it depends on the stamina of the parents!!

Even now, prior to visitors arriving, I will go through expected etiquette!! I think manners are taught, so I wouldnt hold it against her!

Kids have to see parents displaying good manners; coupled with prompts/reminders they do get it soon.

dikkertjedap Tue 21-Dec-10 17:47:52

Well, I agree that there may be a bit of a role for her parents as she sounds quite greedy. My dd who is almost 5 will not ask for presents but wait until she gets them. We do still now and then need to remind her to say thank you though, although she is getting much better at it. However, if you were to ask her the next day what she had had for her birthday/Christmas she would probably only mention a few of the things and not all. Would you be able to discuss it with her parents on a different occasion? Surely, they would not want their daughter to come across like this???

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