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what is the most disgusting thing your child has eaten?

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finn2 Wed 28-Sep-05 00:51:05

I found my dd chewing a claw from our cat- gross I know, she also lies on her belly and puts her arms under the dishwasher to retrieve cat biscuits, she eats, on average, one cat biscuit a day, I know thi is not normal but please make me feel better!

purpleturtle Wed 28-Sep-05 00:52:14

I used to eat cat biscuits through choice as a kid. Can't think why, but my sisters and I were often to be found with the box!

finn2 Wed 28-Sep-05 01:00:14

thanks, we are not freaky family then! do they taste good? my dd seems to think so

amy2310 Wed 28-Sep-05 14:09:49

Oh my god please dont worry. My dd 22 months is goint through a stage of taking her dirty nappies off in the mornings and putting her hands in it and then it goes in her mouth. Thats what you should be worried about lol. I am trying to stop it. Any ideas wouldn't go a miss!! xx

sweetkitty Wed 28-Sep-05 14:12:37

Another one for cat biscuits too! Also any little stray bit of cat litter she can find despite the fact I hoover the kitchen floor twice a day she can still find any stray bits. Most gross thing so far is cat sick, one of the cats were sick I hadn't spotted it yet, yet she was sitting in amongst it yuck.

amynnixmum Wed 28-Sep-05 14:15:09

Ds has eaten all sorts of disgusting things and he also usde to take off his dirty nappy and put his hands in it and paint it all over the wall, his bed, his toys and the carpet. It got so bad that we had to take the wall paper off the walls and have the room replastered

One of the most disgusting things I have seen him do is when I was on the phone. I looked up at him in the lounge and could see him drinking something out of his beaker. I couldn't see very well as it was dark but I was pretty sure it had a yellowy tint to it and i knew it had been empty only a few minutes before.

Sure enough when i asked him what he was drinking he very cheerfully informed me that it was his 'wee wee'

Fennel Wed 28-Sep-05 14:15:44

children haven't eaten anything worse than catfood but dog once ate live maggots (belonging to fisherman in park) and used tampons which had been flushed down the loo, come up into an overflow system in the back yard (student shared house days). dog then "passed" the used tampons very publicly while walking in the street.

amynnixmum Wed 28-Sep-05 14:16:38

PMSL Fennel

Fimbo Wed 28-Sep-05 14:19:39

My ds puts his finger under the soap powder drawer on the washing machine and licks any excess residue off!! I caught him the other day dunking his toothbrush down the toilet and then proceed to shove it in his mouth, he has also in the past eaten sand, mud and soil. Dh was showing him a ladybird one day and tried to pop it in his mouth too. Disgusting child

scotlou Wed 28-Sep-05 14:20:08

Well, when dd was a baby she crawled out onto our deck and put into her mouth a bit of dead mouse the cat had left there...!

SherlockLGJ Wed 28-Sep-05 14:21:30

Fennel LMAO

Beanfrog Wed 28-Sep-05 14:22:24

My LO keeps catching and eating Dady-long-legs. Fine as long as he keeps them away from me!

yoyo Wed 28-Sep-05 14:24:26

Woodlice were a staple in DD2's diet for some time (particularly the ones with the yellow crawly things underneath). Don't know how many half-eaten ones I fished out of her mouth!

mymama Wed 28-Sep-05 14:40:00

amy2310 does she have clothes over her nappy??? If not I would suggest putting on some type of nightclothes she can't get off herself. Other option would be to set alarm to try to catch her in time before she does it.

Mytwopenceworth Wed 28-Sep-05 14:41:35

A slug. yeuukkkkkk!!!!

mymama Wed 28-Sep-05 14:41:38

my ds1 eats his snot/sleep out of his eyes and his ear wax!!!!! Dry reaching just talking about it.

auntymandy Wed 28-Sep-05 14:43:14


mumfor1sttime Wed 28-Sep-05 15:02:03

My DHs little cousin ate a snail! Her mum had to try and scoop it out of her mouth! Think she was about 3 at the time.
Can still imagine th crunch noise to this day...uuugggh!

frannyf Wed 28-Sep-05 15:04:19

A Big Mac.

No, just kidding. As if I would let him eat a Big Mac.

Marina Wed 28-Sep-05 15:06:43

Fennel and amynnixmum ROFL
I tried bonios when I was a child, and my best friend's ds once consumed what seemed like a large quantity of Carex

oops Wed 28-Sep-05 15:07:05

Message withdrawn

Harrizeb Wed 28-Sep-05 16:20:15

Yep my brother and I used to eat the dog biscuits, my brother prefered the black ones !!

DS doesn't have much of a habbit of eating livestock yet, but a little one at his nursery will put anything and everything in her mouth, if they have been doing something unusual there is usually a story of such and such eating it her mum just laughs at her .

H x

geekgrrl Wed 28-Sep-05 16:25:03

crikey, i thought ds might win this contest, having eaten a dead fly and chicken poo, but after reading about your little ones noshing on cat sick and dead mice, I think he's got no chance.

Bethron Wed 28-Sep-05 16:25:42

Message withdrawn

dillydally Wed 28-Sep-05 16:29:57

DD has eaten her own poo, well she spat it out if we are being technically accurate

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