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how old was your child when bedtimes became really significantly easier?

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mumsgonemad123 Mon 13-Dec-10 22:57:16

am finding things tough at the moment with 17 month old twins particularly at bedtime. i dont want to wish precious time away but i cant wait for a time when they will settle to sleep easier.

i know realistically it won't be for another year or so yet but when did you find bedtimes get a lot lot easier with your DC?? Aged 3? 4? 5? any positive stories would be very welcome

fortyplus Mon 13-Dec-10 23:01:37

About 25 I should think! grin

fattybum Mon 13-Dec-10 23:05:24

my ds1 was just 3 when he went to bed easier. Up until that point i would have to lie with him til he fell asleep, which could take up to 45 mins... One day i went down for water for about 5 mins, then told him i had to go down for some thing else and didnt go back up! From then on he just accepted that i was gonna go downstairs!

Just got 2 year old ds2 to sort out now!

Lougle Mon 13-Dec-10 23:31:44

Personality, I think.

DD1 has SN and sleep disturbance, so has Melatonin to go to sleep. So she is no trouble - even she can't resist the melatonin.

DD2 is 3.4 and settles very well. She knows the routine - do a wee, clean bottom, pull-up on, nightie, up to bed, prayers, lights off, star on.

DD3 is 19 months, and is still very tricky. Lots of cuddles and reassurance from DH, who still has to wait in her room until she is asleep, but she is getting better.

AliBellandthe40jingles Mon 13-Dec-10 23:40:08

DS was 2, the change came almost on his birthday. Prior to that he was a nightmare to settle - DH and I used to take turns sitting in his room in the evenings until he fell asleep and he would wake in the night 2/3 times.

Now he has his bath, teeth brushing, story and milk and then goes to bed. If he is tired then he will say as we go upstairs 'I just want to go to sleep', in which case we skip bath and just do teeth and a short bedtime story. We read his story in my/DH's bed and he will get down and go into his own room and ask to be put to bed.

I honestly cannot believe how much things have improved in the last 6 months - so hang in there, it will get better!!

Santaclaustrophobia Mon 13-Dec-10 23:49:16

Mmmm around 2 I think

swanriver Tue 14-Dec-10 13:00:18

With three kids I found 0-3 years no problem...then a long interlude of very difficult long drawn out routine bedtimes...followed by charming 10 year old putting himself to bed grin So I think 9-10 yrsis the beginning of new dawn. Though of course they want to scoff your chinese takeaway wink and chat..

swanriver Tue 14-Dec-10 13:05:38

Oh yes, twins...hmm I had those, they were more difficult to settle than the first one..trying to squeeze last bit of attention out. I found separate stories that too impossible? Giving book to read in bed, soft toy routine, starting very very much earlier and expecting it all to take longer. And in bad case scenario scheduling baths at outher points in day to avoid it all taking too long. Also just leaving light on landing, door open, linger on top of landing without talking to them, just sorting things ifysim, tidying up, so they are reassured you are there, whilst clear that you have said goodnight for last time.

Also sleeping bags were good to stop them escaping from bed and associated with definite end of festivities. A nice song, but keep it short..?

Accepting they need loads of attention and somewhere in the day you have to give it, and preferably not leave it to bedtime struggles.

annoyingdevil Tue 14-Dec-10 13:20:11

0-3 easy peasy. 4 plus, both a nightmare. Any excuse to come downstairs, playing until god knows when.

reallytired Tue 14-Dec-10 13:30:04

Ha! Ha!

My almost nine year old can be a pain about going to bed. My 20 month actually asks to go to bed.

I think its the luck of the draw. You need a good consistant routine that is enjoyable. I have never had twins so I can't advise. Could you post on the multiples board to see what they advise.

It does get better. My nine year responds well to the threat of no club penguin the following day if he is not in room by nine. Getting to go unconcious is another matter, but at least we have some peace in the evenings.

Tgger Tue 14-Dec-10 22:28:34

Don't have twins, but have been very lucky (so far) with fantastic sleepers. Now 2 and 4 they both settle well, every night, almost don't dare type that!!!!

Are your twins in cots or beds? My DD (2) is still in a cot and I think I'll keep her in it for a while longer as then she can't get out!!!! Occassionally she protests about bedtime but I leave her and she is asleep within 5 minutes.

I think a really strong routine helps. DD certainly slotted into DS's routine. He got worse for a while between 2 and 3, but then that was when DD arrived so not that surprising. It was never for that long though, generally was always good.

This is where I touch wood a lot!!!

mumsgonemad123 Thu 16-Dec-10 22:25:09

thanks everybody for your comments, alibell.. that is very encouraging! although i am not holding my breath that mine will be easier at 2. to make matters worse they have both just come down with this horrible winter sickness bug thing and have just had probably my worst day with them ever

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