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head banging 3 year old

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wedgeitt Thu 09-Dec-10 18:59:37

My son is 3, nearly 4 and his temper tantrums are getting worse! Should I be concerned as he is nearly 4! - i thought this sort of thing would get better by now. he occasionally banged his head but he is now doing it a lot.
my hubby comforts him when he is doing it where as i try to ignore him, so my son must be confused by this, is it best to ignore? or to talk to my son and tell him to stop?
Just dont know how to deal with it anymore.
He has a good vocabulary and theres nothing wrong with his language development so i dont know why he isnt using his words to vent anger and frustration instead. Any ideas anyone? How do you cope with head banging and tantrums?

hellion Thu 09-Dec-10 20:00:47

My ds used to do this. It was quite upsetting and looked like he was banging his head quite hard. I used to ignore him completely, and then would pay him attention when he stopped. As he got older he grew out of it (he is 4 now).

I did have one theory (which is completely unproven and unsupported by medical evidence) that it may have been the pain of his teeth coming through. After all toothache can be a terrible pain. Good luck. I hope it gets better

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