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Am I doing something wrong?

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varmit Thu 09-Dec-10 16:14:18

Just feeling like a crap parent right now, after a stressful lunch date at a friends. My 3 and a bit year old DS is a very lively, noisy little boy. They are very fond of him at nursery and have never complained to me about bad behaviour, but when we go to friends or if people come to us, he is really hard to deal with. He shouts, runs around, shows off and generally behaves very naughtily! I am constantly on his case, asking him to stop shouting, stop running, stop throwing, etc etc. I know three year olds are challenging, and his behaviour isn't always terrible, it's just when he's with friends, I dread playdates because of it! I wonder if I'm handling it effectively, I feel like I'm being firm, but he tends to carry on regardless. Other boys are often lively, but I'm sure mine is livelier! I can't help but worry what people think either.
Any advice or reassurance much appreciated.

Suncottage Thu 09-Dec-10 19:59:55

First of all - take a deep breath.

Take him to places where he can run wild - and get him tired. Swimming is great. Check his diet. Is it a 'sugar rush' or 'E number tantrum'?

Keep 'playdates' short, 30 minutes at a time and promise him longer each time he 'behaves' but stick with it.

Take him out of the room whenever he 'runs wild' for two minutes, then three, then four.

Explain each time why he has been taken out - then go back in.

Repeat, repeat, repeat until your brain explodes or he understands.

My friend's little one was like this at every playdate and his Mum clicked that he was given chocolate buttons or other sweets at each and every occasion.

Good luck.

Brewster Thu 09-Dec-10 21:30:01

Yeah take him places he can run and go mad - play places, soft play etc.

My little man is very active and when we wnet on vacation recently and he had to stay with us while we went about and had to sit in the puch chair and only walk to certain places etc he went mad!!naugty and tantrumy and whiney but as soon as we got him somewhere he could just go off and run and scream and play he was totally happy and himself again.

At 3 I imagine he should be able to rememeber and follow instruations so before you get to a play date set some rules and a consequence if they are broken and a reward if they are met.
If he starts to misbehave remove him from the room and remind him of yoru rules and the consequence....

Hope this helps

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