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need some suggestions re sleep.

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Karoleann Wed 08-Dec-10 17:05:49

Ds2 is 2.5, a couple of weeks ago I stopped his nap as I was having increasing problems getting him down for it, he was really miserable for the rest of the afternoon if I cut down his nap (ie woke him up) and he just wouldn't go to sleep in the evening.
Generally he's a little grumpy at about 5.30pm, but not that tired, and he'll usually go down to bed okay at 7/7.30, but he's been waking a couple of times in the evening and then again a couple of times at night.
I'm pregnant (4.5 months) and I'm knackered!
Anyone have any suggestions? I assumed it would get better with time, but its getting worse. Last night he woke up 4 times & woke DS1 up twice.

SkyBluePearl Wed 08-Dec-10 22:08:58

You must be exhausted!! Is he warm enough at night? Can you put two sets of PJ's on him or put him to bed in a sleeping bag? Is he too big to get out of a travel cot? The first time he gets up out of bed each night can you tell him you will put him in a travel cot the next time he gets up - then calmly follow through. Worked with my son.

Tgger Wed 08-Dec-10 22:59:01

Oh no! Poor you!

That's the trouble, they tend to wake more when they're overtired. Groan...

I feel your pain, having gone through similar with my son. We had nap battles between 2.5 and 3.5, when he finally stopped napping. I stopped trying just after 3, but he really needed it and Daddy would often have success at the weekend smile.

If he's not napping I would get him in bed at 6.45 latest or a bit before, even if he doesn't seem tired I bet he's knackered. My son is now asleep by 6.45 each night, age 4 and he really needs to be.

Sorry, not much help. Maybe the earlier bed time and some chill out time on the sofa in the afternoon?

I think at this age they also fight you on decisions re naps/bedtime etc just because they are 2.5 and that's what this age do, grrrrrrr

Karoleann Thu 09-Dec-10 08:01:22

pearl - I have massive kids! (and a massive DH), he could tip the travel cot over 6 months ago. If anything he may be too hot, I've got the gas people out to look at his radiator next week.
tgger I will try and get him down a bit earlier. It doesn't help that my eldest at 4 doesn't need a huge amount of sleep, he's usually in his bedroom by 7.30pm, but not usually asleep til 8.30pm.

frogger77 Thu 09-Dec-10 09:27:03

My ds also 2.5 was like this too and I cut out his nap but it didn't help as he would just be miserable and clingy all afternoon ( also have ds 1) so started letting him go back to bed about half 8 am and he sleeps for an hour or so then which gives him enough energy to last through the day. He is in bed at night by 7.

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