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Bedtime nightmare - removing nappy

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nicwal Wed 08-Dec-10 10:35:43

My 2 yr 9month old has recently been potty trained (about 3 months now) but has started to remove his nappy when I put him down to bed at night. He then proceeds to wee/poo on the carpet, even through there is a potty in his room. This can go on for a couple of hours, with me putting his nappy and pj's back on, only for a few minutes later him to take them back off again.

I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing seems to work. The other thing is that he just won't take anything seriously - its all just a big joke.

Helllppppp please!

bumpybecky Wed 08-Dec-10 10:46:20

have you tried ....

vests with poppers (not that I've seen them that age/size)

sleepsuits with poppers (again not sure you'll find them big enough)

proper pants over the top of the nappy

putting nappy on backwards

sellotape around the top of the nappy

star chart and big reward if he keeps the nappy on

I'd just go for the sellotape though - worked a treat with dd3 just cut them out in the morning!

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 08-Dec-10 10:49:52

We put DD's nappy on back to front then some knickers, then a vest, then another pair of knickers tucked the vest into that. Extreme? Yes. Hot? yes. Did it work? Did it fuck. Bribery was the only thing that worked with her.

nicwal Wed 08-Dec-10 11:15:34

Tried nappy back to front but he just pulls it down, also tried pull ups, pants over top, pants on own, letting him choose his pjs (not tried sellotape yet though!) letting him sleep with nothing on.

He knows its naughty to wee/poo on the carpet, and shouts down to tell me he's done it, but doesn't seem to understand the consequences. I've told him off, threatened him with taking stuff away, tried bribery - nothing seems to bother him grrrrrr

neversaydie Wed 08-Dec-10 11:23:28

Dungarees with good tight button and buttonhole fastenings might stay on and frustrate his nappy removing tenedencies. Although you might have to make the buttonholes yourself, as not much you can buy is actively designed to be difficult to remove.

And at least it would develop his button management skills...

I think I would focus on protecting the carpet (could you get a washable rug or something, and put it over a plastic sheet) and rely on bribery and time to get past it. Bloody frustrating though.

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