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4 week old sleeping all day

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rollerbaby Tue 07-Dec-10 17:04:06

My son has been feeding more or less every 3 hours recently (is big for his age at 12lbs) and seems to sleep ok at night. However, last night he sounded more mucusy then normal when lying flat (no runny nose) and then since this morning has had a far reduced appetite (3 x 10 min sessions until lunch) and then one 10 min feed and a 30 minute feed mid afternoon. He's slept nonstop between them.

I can't imagine that sudenly he's got day and night mixed up. I've just let him sleep as if he's sickening presumably sleep is the best thing. His temperature seems fine too and we've had 3 dirty/wet nappies so he's not dehydrated.

Does this sound normal for a baby with a possible cold virus or something similar?

Pinkieminx Tue 07-Dec-10 20:18:32

DD always slept more during colds or growth spurts but TBH I never let her sleep too much in the day - I'm a baby waker!!

Tgger Tue 07-Dec-10 22:20:19

Yes, could well be he is getting a cold or something.

Also at this age sometimes they do just sleep lots- I remember DD being pretty sleepy until 8 weeks or so, whereas DS was an up and lively baby from day 1 (or almost!).

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