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4 month sleep regression - help!!

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5DollarShake Tue 07-Dec-10 01:09:26

DD is 4 months old. A week ago, at 16 weeks, she slept through the night, 7-7, for the first time.

One week later she is waking up every couple of hours and it's killing me!

She is EBF. I am now taking her upstairs to our room for her day time feed, where it is quiet and there are no distractions. She fed well at each feed today and yet still this silly number of wake-ups!!!!

What can I do? How long does it last (please don't say it never gets better!!)? Helpppppp!!!!

hobbgoblin Tue 07-Dec-10 01:18:03


My latest DD has been a marvellous sleeper from the day she was born. She has always gone from whenever I go to bed through til time to set off for school with eldest DC. Now she goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps til about half 7 or 8am - sometimes 10 if the weekend. However! At about 4 months old she spent a good 2-3 weeks waking up in the night for no particular reason. I fed her each time and put her back into her cot if I didn't fall asleep feeding and just got up as often as necessary and fed. I didn't react at all to it in terms of worrying and she settled back into her routine. So my advice would be to go with the flow as much as poss. and see if she sorts out her rhythm agin.

Bobby99 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:19:55

Hi there. It does get better! I'm afraid for us with DD it got worse for a few months, but then got much much better. DD slept through between 3 and 4 months, then started waking more and more until she was waking a minimum of 10 times a night by 6 months. Then at 7 months she cut her first tooth and started eating lots of porridge at supper time, then it just got better and better. By 9 months she was sleeping through for 12 hours again and she still does that now at 11 months.

SpikyBinkle Tue 07-Dec-10 10:26:35

Can I join you in your despair 5DollarShake ? DD not quite 4 months and has never slept through but she was sleeping for 5 to 6 hours regularly at night. For the last few nights she has been waking around every 2 to 3 hours and she is also feeding a lot during the day. In fact, she is almost back to newborn behaviour. I cling to the hope that it will pass but it is tough in the meantime.

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