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mealtimes - nightmare

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kitkey Mon 06-Dec-10 17:50:33

I have 2 DS very nearly 3 - next week and 19mths - today! MY DS1 has refuse to sit in a highchair for about a year and for that year has been a nightmare getting down from the table after 1 mouthful - have big melt downs when put back at table and told to sit back down and eat so I probably handled this all wrong - just let him go and not have any food - IMO i just felt i'd offered it and presented it nicely and he doesn't want it - if he was hungry he would it. Anyway -now he is about 70% better but DS2 has just started refusing to sit in highchair and having a screaming fit when put in so I let him sit at table - Guess what - he gets down and starts playing with the magnets on the fridge and not interested in the meal. DH doesn't get in until 7pm so I do their meal at 5pm and me and DH eat later, so we are not sitting at the table eating with them - sometimes I sit there but usually i am cleaning up, chopping fruit or veg, unstacking dishwasher etc. Even if I sit with them DS2 still gets down. My mum says I have parented my DS1 badly so that is why DS2 has copied him and is trying his luck I seriously couldn't deal with forcing DS1 to sit down and eat as screaming and tantruming doesn't make for someone to want to eat or a pleasant mealtime. Have I been a really bad mummy and does anyone have any ideas - she thinks even if they don't want to eat anything I should make them sit for 20 mins at the table with them screaming- my nerves would be frayed!?

purplehonesty Mon 06-Dec-10 19:30:34

Why don't you try having your dinner with them at 5 and then they can copy what you do and they might get more of an idea about mealtimes.
You could try one of those tot seats for DS2 which goes on a chair, more like a booster seat, that might solve the getting away thing.
Could you try making the food into funny faces etc or shapes and let DS1 help you make it so he's excited about eating it and then DS2 might follow his lead?
Do you spoon feed DS2? If so maybe letting him feed himself would encourage him more, my DS age 15mo hardly ever lets me feed him but tucks it away if he does it himself - I make loads of finger food or just close my eyes to the mess while he gets on with it!
Good luck

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