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Newborn unsettled at night - any tips?

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jobobpip08 Sun 05-Dec-10 16:47:10

Our delicious DS3 is 10 days old and sleeps really well through the day, feeds well at all times but then when we settle down for sleep - he grumbles, cries etc for hours - nothing soothes him, until the early hours when, he is either so shattered he then sleeps/I give in and take him into bed with me and he then feeds/sleeps until late morning. (I don't want to start doing this too much as it doesn't always work and sometimes he will only sleep in my arms - don't want to start bad habits.)

I came out of maternity when DS3 was 12 hours old and we have only had one night of sleep, feed, sleep. We never had this with DS1 so I'm at a bit of a loss! Is this something that will pass. Its just so frustrating that he sleeps so beautifully in the day. Any advice for a frazzled mum?

Goingspare Sun 05-Dec-10 17:00:39


My DD2 was nocturnal at first and wouldn't go down in her crib - particularly tricky when DD1 was the normal lark variety. I slept with her for the first six months, after a bit of fannying around tryint to settle her at the beginning - it worked for me.

If you really don't want him in with you, someone will advise, but if you're going to do it in the end anyway, I'd give in sooner rather than later.

Latootle Sun 05-Dec-10 18:13:59

try putting him on his side, angled to lean slightly back rather than forward . with a soft rolled up towel/blanket along the length of his back. to stop going on his back some babies hate being on their back. and if he is going to have colic I pray not, side is better alternate each side after every feed. My daughter hated being on her back and screamed blue murder till we were advised to put her on her side. But then I do think to a degreed you have to leave them to settle. if you know they are fed cosy etc.

chocolatebuttontheif Sun 05-Dec-10 18:21:43

Does he stop when you turn the light on? My DS used to be unsettled at night, as soon as I turned the light on to go to him he always used to stop. After a couple of nights of getting wound up I bought the lowest wattage lightbulb I could find for the lamp, which we would just turn on when he was unsettled and leave on. It took some getting used to for DH and I but I think it was the best solution. And it only lasted about 2 months.

jobobpip08 Sun 05-Dec-10 18:54:05

Thanks ladies.

going it may come to this! DS1 is a lark as well - poor DH is being kept up till 3am and then getting up with DS1 at 6! I have to keep sending him off in the day for a nap!

latootle he already rolls on his side. He has no problem being on his back in the daytime so I'm assuming this is not a problem at night. I do try and leave him settle but then it gets to the stage that he's agitating for food and its back to square one!

choc he does prefer the light on, I might try leaving it on all night. I've already said to DH about sleeping elsewhere when he goes back to work as he can't really help with the b/f grin.

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