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Disturbed Nights every hour since 5months

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mummycurrallgriffin Sun 05-Dec-10 10:24:19

My little joyous bundle is now nearly 6 months old. He has been in a bedtime routine more or less since he was born of bathtime,song,expressed milk in a bottle (only bottle of the day) then bed. He used to be put in the cot more or less awake and put himself to sleep. He slept through from 3 1/2 months (from 9-6-started bedtime at8), but the last 3 weeks this has not been the case.
He has been waking up an hour after he has gone to sleep and keeps waking every hour after this and certainly doesn't want to sleep past five. He also does not take long sleeps in the day....
We have tried letting him fall asleep on both me and putting him to bed asleep and neither make much difference as he wakes every hour still.
We have tried the 5mintute sleep training approach, and I find it really difficult to let him cry as he can go on for hours!
The dr told us to wean him and this has gone well (we did this at 5 months) and he enjoys most foods, he is eating 2 small pots 3 times a day.
Having said all of this, he is one gorgeous little boy:-)-just a bit of an attention seeker (24/7!!)
any advice most welcome!

DrSeuss Sun 05-Dec-10 10:29:04

Check out the sleep training known as Furberisation, harsh on the parents but it works! For slightly older kids, Dr Green's "Toddler Taming" has similar, very good ideas. Or "The Baby Whisperer", again, similar ideas.

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