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Moving from Cot to Bed - top tips needed!

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Teleaddict Fri 03-Dec-10 10:55:28


We are planning on moving our DD (22 months) from her cot to a bed in the next few weeks.
We will need the cot early next year and we are going away in the new year when she will need to sleep in a bed.
DD loves her cot and is a really good sleeper so I am naturally a bit worried about how she is going to react.
I just wondered whether anyone had any top tips to share to make the transition easier? I am planning on keeping her in a sleeping bag to begin with so there is continuity with that.
Thanks in advance.

starsareshining Fri 03-Dec-10 11:51:54

I got a few books from the library about moving into a big bed. Our library has a section of books to help children with new experiences. One which we got out was called 'Sophie's Big Bed'. Very simple story where the girl is a little bit scared to move into a big bed and keeps putting it off, then moves into the big bed and loves it. After reading it a few times I asked my son whether he'd like to move into a big bed, like Sophie, and he was very excited by the idea.

I know of people who have made sure that their children are involved in the building of the bed or can see it and help in some way. Wouldn't have been useful in my case so I did it when he was away and presented it as a special treat. Lots of fun guessing what the extra special treat could be (he guessed TWO WHOLE chocolates). I also made sure he was quite worn out on the day we did it so he'd drop off quite quickly. Made sure that there was a pillow on the floor in case he fell out and explained why it was there. Gave him the same teddies and used the same routine, obviously.

I didn't have any problems with getting him to sleep in his bed. He loved it.

Teleaddict Fri 03-Dec-10 18:36:46

Thanks for your ideas, they are really helpful and it's good to hear a success story when all my friends seem to have had a nightmare! I like the idea of the book and will have a look in our local library.

Tgger Fri 03-Dec-10 19:41:40

Good advice.

We moved DS at just over 2 I think and he was fine. It helped for him that he moved into a toddler bed (pretty cheap) which had little side bits which made him feel more secure. He stayed in this until about 3.5 when he got a big single bed, but probably a lot of kids would stay in it till 4/5 (he is huge).

MyLifeIsChaotic Fri 03-Dec-10 20:11:00

Message withdrawn

elliepac Fri 03-Dec-10 20:17:03

I agree about getting your dd involved. DD moved at around 28 months. Like you I was worried as she had always been a brilliant sleeper. We let her choose a toddler bed *
(peppa pig - only £60 and will last her a good while) and bedding (peppa again!). SHe also 'helped' daddy put together and got to arrange her teddies in it. Worked like a dream. She was so excited about it all day long that she was pooped and went straight to sleep. Only problem we had/have is now instead of quitely singing in her cot she will get out of bed and shout us very early in the morning...think I will try one of these sleep training clocks.

Good Luck!

elliepac Fri 03-Dec-10 20:18:09

Jeez, you can tell I have been housebound by snow for a few days... apologies for all the typos blush.

addictedtofrazzles Fri 03-Dec-10 20:18:24

I have a side bit on the cot bed so my DS (a serious wrigggler) cant fall out. Sleeping hasnt been a problem at all but my biggest concern was him getting out of bed, especially around 6am when he wakes. He has a sleep clock and explained endlessly that he was not allowed out of bed until he saw the sun - so far he has been great and never moved until I go in and get him at 7am (when the sun 'shines'). ONly once has he come downstairs and I just took his hand, put him back in bed and he hasn't done it again.

Good luck

Teleaddict Fri 03-Dec-10 20:39:53

Hadn't thought about the early mornings - she can sometimes wake at 5.30am so will have a look at the sleep clocks!
My husband has just looked at some of the posts about getting bedding with characters on that they are obsessed with and asked 'can you get a duvet cover with goats on it?!' as our DD is mad about them!!
Thanks for all of the advice - making me a little more confident and less worried.

jollyma Fri 03-Dec-10 20:46:13

Great little traders sell an inflatable bolster thing to stop them falling out of a regular single. Looks really neat and you could take it on holiday too. Not tried it though!

SkyBluePearl Fri 03-Dec-10 21:57:24

most kids will love being in a big bed. with both of mine i put them into big bed and then if they got out i'd say that if they got out again I'd put them in a travel cot - which i did calmly and without fuss. seemed to encourage them to stay in bed and has also worked for my friends.

soppypreggyloon Sat 04-Dec-10 09:58:36

we had to move ds in a hurry as he climbed out the cot - without any warning signs and fell onto the floor.

so the next night we just did it. he's only 20mo so couldn't explain and get him excited about a big boy bed etc. we kept the same bedding on - so comforting smells etc and let him climb in and out before bedtime.

night 1 he fell out twice but kept on sleeping.

10 days on and he's fine with it. he'll sometimes fall out but never hurt - just confused and sitting on the floor in the dark if he wakes at all.

we have a stairgate on his bedroom door to stop midnight wandering but so far he just wakes up and chats to himself louder and louder till we go through. he'll be in bed and doesn't seem to get out till we appear.

was much less stress free than i expected!

soppypreggyloon Sat 04-Dec-10 09:59:15

oh and bedtime routine stayed the same. we just sit on stairs out of sight to listen out for monkey business.

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