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threenager- how to cope??

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Comma2 Wed 01-Dec-10 16:48:43

Please PLEASE tell me how you cope with the constant complaints and wailing and and and of my 3 year old dd. I get so exasperated and have no plan an how to deal with it as she goes all day long. Sometimes I put her inot her room, but I get way too angry! Have a one yo dd too, so bit stretched anyway. Ugh. Just had to take away her lovey, which doesn't help.

Anyway. How to stay calm when you yank out an arm to clean and feed and play them and all you get is complete and utter resistance? I can't let her go too dirty! We had such a lovely relationship, and it's going down. sad

FernieB Wed 01-Dec-10 19:54:04

I know it's difficult but really the best way to cope with it is to ignore her. Never give in to whining (it's attention-seeking) and don't get angry (you're giving her attention). When she starts moaning, just say to her 'that's whinging and I don't listen to whinging', then ignore her. If she continues repeat yourself, but don't enter into conversation with her. Go and play with your 1 year old or start playing a game with her toys by yourself. She'll soon get fed up of being ignored and want to join in.

It takes patience on your part and you will probably want to scream with frustration at times, but we've all been there and she will come through it.

Comma2 Fri 03-Dec-10 19:01:53

Thank you Fernie! I have ordered a load of books, must see what I can do to improve this.

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