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Terrible Twos- Sudden Onset!

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debka Tue 30-Nov-10 20:40:19

DD is 20 mo and suddenly, pretty much overnight, she has become horrible. Tantrums, screaming, hitting, throwing, everything is no- NO- NO!!!!

Anyone else?? Tell me it won't last forever (please!!!)

backintraining Tue 30-Nov-10 21:21:15

Hey there, DS is 22mo and I have to remind myself how much I love him so I don't offer him for sale on Ebay some days!!!!!!

We seem to have eased off on the hitting/pushing phase (which was in full throttle a couple of months ago), we now just try a bit of headbutting when really tired. Everything is "mine mine"........ we are also doing lots of asking for a particular thing (eg. normal yoghurt, as opposed to fruit pot) and then when said particular thing is presented, throwing a major strop and refusing........... the theme this week has been refusing ALL food and then throwing a tantrum when choc choc is not on the menu!!

I keep thinking to myself, however, he is wilfull, spirited and a fantastic character - all of which I am sure will stand him in good stead as he gets older fingers crossed to the point where they are turning white

You are not alone.


mermummy Fri 03-Dec-10 12:22:49

DD is 16 mo and has sudden onset as well. I have just had a couple of friends over for coffee and one girl is 18mo and almost perfect. She plays beautifully, chats and reads books with her mum.

My dd does all these things in privacy of own home, with childminder or when the same friend looked after her for an hour yesterday. However when I am on the scene she snatches toys from other children, tantrums, pulls their hair. I do get down on the floor and play with her when we are with friends. But I won't let things like snatching go, but I know I should pick my battles. Too high standards? But then how do I deal with the snatching, maybe ignore and apologise?

Then we have screaming and so no one can talk. I take her out of the room to calm her and so miss out on any company.

Everything, similar to you backintraining, is no no followed by vigorous head shaking. DD not able to walk yet/ not showing much interest beyond cruising so maybe she is frustrated, this antisocial aspect is so wearing and embaressing. Ugh, what to do at wits and also, she seems so young to be in this phase.

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