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8 months, no babbling. Any one?

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EJ0310 Mon 29-Nov-10 00:58:08

My boy is 8 months + 10 days old. He doesn't babble. He does make sounds with vowels, like Oohs & Aahs. He blows raspberries alot, this week more than ever before. Squeels, laughs & smiles alot. He has occasionally made sounds with what to me sounded like consonants, for example "Giii", "Ga", "Ka", "Kiii", "Ba" but it's rare! Once I heard a "Ma". He says "Heeyyy" alot or more like "Eyy" sometimes. And he says that when he looks at us, just like he's greeting us.

Milestones scare me and reading those is like shooting myself in the foot.

Anyone with experience from this? Any other late babblers? Hope you can reassure me.

sleepywombat Mon 29-Nov-10 04:19:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Igglybuff Mon 29-Nov-10 08:09:16

My DS (now 13 months) has only really started to babble properly. Before that he'd have phases of babbling, making random noises then stopped. On and off, on and off for months! So I wouldn't worry (I'm not).

<waves to sleepy>

Firawla Mon 29-Nov-10 08:11:15

if he has made those sounds occasionally then it shows that he can do it? so i dont think you should worry?
when you read too much milestones things you always find something to worry about! but he sounds fine to me?

bruffin Mon 29-Nov-10 08:19:03

DS is 15 now but I can remember the day he started Ba Baing. We were on a coach transfer from the airport in Portugal and he suddenly started shout Bah Bah and did it all the way through the coach journey, he was so pleased with himself grin. He was 8 months at the time and up until then there had been no consonants at all. He wasn't behind in anyway so I wouldn't worry at all.

Kalypso Mon 29-Nov-10 09:20:20

Yes, me!

I posted about this when DS was 8 months old and he was making similar sounds to your DS, although perhaps not quite as varied. His favourite sound was 'Oooh' and he only rarely made consonant sounds, and only then single syllables, like your DS.

As I type he is going "Ba ba ba, ya, wa wa, ga, bwah" and making funny clicking noises with his tongue. He's 9 and a half months old. This morning he woke me up with "Mamamamamamamama".

The 'proper' babble started about 3 weeks ago - it began with 'Heeeeeyyy' and 'Hiiiiii' sounds and from then on he has experimenting with new sounds all the time. Interestingly, this has also coincided with his bottom teeth finally coming through.

I don't think you need to worry at all.

Goingspare Mon 29-Nov-10 09:37:11

My daughter never really babbled as described in the books, but came out with whole words quite early (I'd give you the exact age, but it was a dozen years ago!) and has never shut up since. DD2 babbled in approved style, but words came a little later. She also has plenty to say for herself now.

Your baby sounds as if he can make the right noises when he wants to and is communicating with you well.

jass77 Tue 30-Nov-10 17:27:01

My DD wasn't babbling at her 9mth check and HV wanted me to 'monitor' it. She was otherwise developing perfectly well and I wasn't worried about her hearing or comprehension. She never really babbled as such but her talking otherwise developed normally. She's now almost 4 and her talking is fine!

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