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DS 3.3 put to bed at 6, still mucking about at gone 9

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TheLemur Sun 28-Nov-10 21:22:34

I am rather exasperated. DS 3.3 had a lovely day with grandparents - quite stimulating but he also had a long walk outside and wanted to go to bed at 6 rather than have a bath. He looked very tired - eyes rubbing etc so he had 2 stories. He has been getting out of bed ever since....

I have tried rapid return with no talking but he sees it as a game and laughs, enjoying it. I fed him (he said he was hungry) I gave him the potty (he did a poo) I have Calpolled him incase he's a bit poorly, I've tried leaving/ignoring him and shutting the door of the room I'm in. 3 1/2 hours later he's still bl00dy awake. His eyes look like saucers, he's obviously very over tired. Why the heck can't he recognise this or just lay down long enough for him to go to sleep? Why does he get like this? ARGH!!!!!!

I'm itching for some wine as this has been v stressful but daren't start til he's asleep. Sigh, he's coming down stairs again. He's going to be a wreck tomorrow

stinkypants Sun 28-Nov-10 21:31:20

little monkey (:
what is his normal bedtime? sometimes i think the body clock is more important than how tired they are.
but he is probably overtired by now, as you say, so it may just be a blip day, if other days are fine.
i would try to avoid giving in to too many demands in case he is just playing with you!!
maybe pour yourself some wine and have a bath, tell himj to go to bed and clse both doors..good luck!!

TheLemur Sun 28-Nov-10 21:45:24

Thanks stinky, feel a bit less alone now!

Normally he's down by 7-7.30 and a good little sleeper. I know what you mean about body clock though and usually I do abide by it but he was adamant he didn't want a bath and usually when he does this it's cos he's just too tired to cope with one.

I know I shouldn't give in to demands and I know I am a bit weak on this front as I think 'well maybe he IS hungry' etc. Especially today as I hadn't been the one feeding him. I wish I could be stronger actually. I always mean to be strong then give in so I guess I am causing a lot of this problem <guilt>

I also suspect my parents getting him up early and playing with him non-stop all day has caused over-tiredness.

Are other kids like this too?!

TheLemur Sun 28-Nov-10 22:16:37

Finally he's gone off hurraah!!!!!

stinkypants Mon 29-Nov-10 17:34:58

yay!! and i'm sure it'll be back to normal today.
yep all kids are indeed like it, altho i suspect some parents pretend otherwise (-:

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