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18 month regression - is it real? (tell me it is!)

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AlisonOrdnung Thu 25-Nov-10 21:42:42

My DS is 18 1/2 months. He's brilliant, much more fun recently, understanding more, more reasonable etc. But he's become unbelievably clingy to me. He won't go to sleep and screams the place down when I put him down. For a good five months he's been brilliant, I put him down awake and he goes off quite happily. I realise everything's a phase, but it really feels like he's going backwards. He doesn't like being left with DH to play, until recently he's enjoyed spending time with his Dad. Does it just get better? Please tell me it doesn't take forever.

thecaptaincrocfamily Thu 25-Nov-10 22:03:37

Has anything happened when he has been with DH?
Have you gone back to work?
Has anything else happened - bereavement etc?
It may just be a late phase, most go through it between 12-18mths.

AlisonOrdnung Fri 26-Nov-10 07:43:35

I'm pregnant, we just started to introduce the idea. It could be that? Nothing's happened with DH, nothing more than normal trips and bumps at least. He had a pretty nasty accident last week, but that was when he was with me.

Orissiah Fri 26-Nov-10 10:19:43

Teething? When my DD teethes (and at 2.5yrs she's still teething her molars) she gets incredibly clingy, has more tantrums, eats less, wakes early - only when she teethes. I remember some particular excruciating teething periods when DD was 18+ months.

AlisonOrdnung Fri 26-Nov-10 13:13:21

Definitely could be that. He's hardly got any teeth, but a mouth full of lumps and bumps. I had to force him to lie down in his cot last night, which felt awful. I stayed with him til he fell asleep (very quickly). I'd bring him into bed but I don't want to start a habit with the new one on the way. Oh, doesn't being a mum just make you feel guilty all the time? Urrrrgh.

Orissiah Sat 27-Nov-10 09:01:50

Could you try some Calpol or Calprofen 10 mins or so before bedtime so he goes to bed without his mouth hurting (in case it is teething)? That worked for my DD - allowed her to settle off to sleep easily as the Calprofen (which lasts 6 or 8 hours) numbed any pain. If that doesn't work then perhaps it's not teething?

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