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Wont sleep without mummy.....

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thechin Thu 25-Nov-10 17:13:36

I have a 7 1/2 month old littlw girl, who being bf will only lie down to sleep when she is plugged in. Have the cot next to the bed, pushed right upto the side, she'll go back in the but the moment she stirs i find myself having to lean over and feed her as this is the only way she will settle.This is happening repeatedly through the night. Have tried all the usual, the main advice being ' just leave her to cry'.....i dont agree with doing this, but have got to the point where i really need to do something about it as i occasionally have to work in the evenings and she just will not let daddy put her to bed. A side effect of this routine is the fact that shes getting tummy gripes from feeding all night! Any ideas anyone??

wannabeglam Thu 25-Nov-10 18:38:16

If she'll take one, give her a dummy.

ib Thu 25-Nov-10 18:42:14

Can't help but will lurk to see if anyone comes up with a brilliant solution - never cracked it with ds1 and ds2 who is the same age as yours is just the same...

Scarlett175 Thu 25-Nov-10 20:16:54

my DD is 7 months and up until 5 months was just the same. Think you have to accept that any real change will involve some kind of crying but you do not have to leave her to cry it out. We decided DH was to take over bedtime using pick up/put down. There were/sometimes are tears, but DH is there to cuddle/sing/reassure her, and she is now in her own room/cot and sleeping through the night 7pm-6am. At the moment she is suffering badly with teething so the last couple of nights I have put her to bed, and yes given her BF, but am still able to put her down in cot and she sleeps all night.

She won't let you DH put her to bed- of course she wants her mum, but if you decide the outcome is worth the energy, persist with DH putting her to bed for a week. It will get better over the week and its so liberating being able to share this whole bedtime thing. The first few nights I actually left the house at bedtime, so's not to take over/undermine DH.

Good luck...

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