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15 month old wakening 2-3 times a night

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valz Tue 23-Nov-10 11:01:23

Hi All

my 15 mo, wakens 2-3 times every night. i used to lift him in beside me when he was younger so i know its my own fault but i couldnt let him cry or else he'd wake his twin. i have moved him to a different room but he continued to waken, he moves alot in his sleep so i moved him into a bed as i thought he was wakening from bangin his head in the cot. the first night he was in the bed he slept sound but every night since hes back to wakening. i always end up back in the bed beside him every night, even when im in with him all night he will waken have a quick look round the bed then fall back to sleep. Im expecting again and really need to sort him out before its too late. any advice please?

lowrib Tue 23-Nov-10 11:05:31

I'm sorry I have no advice, only to say it's not your fault! Some babies sleep through. Some, simply just do not!
Mine was - and still is - one of those.

I hope someone can come along with some good advice soon smile

lowrib Wed 24-Nov-10 07:45:43


TottWriter Wed 24-Nov-10 13:35:32

Don't know what to add - my DS was the same, at 2.5 he still sometimes wakes and needs quickly settling, though less often now. We ended up cosleeping most nights until he was 18months.

We did a modified cc when he was 18 months (and he was kicking us all night), where we'd get him to sleep in his cot while sitting next to him ignoring him as far as possible. Then when he was used to that, move to the doorway, then just outside the door etc. I was (am) a softie, so I used to hold DS's hand through the cot bars, but not make eye contact. I sat and read a book so he knew I was there but not playing.

Once he learned to go to sleep alone, we used to rinse and repeat when he woke at night. Just sit there with him, but not comunicate. There is still the comfort of your presence, but you can sit further and further away over time, until when hhe wakes, you're just tucking him back in and he settles himself. After you get to that stage, it's just a case of waiting for him to sleep through. Sadly we're still not there yet, but it does mean that nigt interruptions are at least much shorter, and we can share them.

Hope this works for you! It really is no joke at all when they are up all night.

valz Wed 24-Nov-10 16:24:51

lowrib what age is your baby? i totally get that some babies sleep through, his twin goes into his cot with his bottle no bother and dosnt waken til morning unless he has wee cramps or something.

tot thanks for advice, im much like u, when he was in the cot id hold his hand through the bars cuz he likes his hand and arm been tickled. now that ive moved him to the bed i dont think he'll ever go back into the cot, after a week of the bed when i figured it wasnt doing the trick i thought id put him in the cot and let him cry, i literally hadnt even let go of him when he started roaring so thats why ive left him in bed. im be so tired at night when he wakes during the night i give up and just get in beside him, maybe tonight i will let him cry and just sit in the room. how long have you been doing this?

lowrib Fri 26-Nov-10 11:26:24

oh dear! I deliberately avoided mentioning DS's age in my earlier post as I didn't want you to abandon hope!

DS is 2 next month.

He goes to sleep in his cot, then wakes sometime between 12 and 2. He wants to be in our bed basically. If I bring him into our bed, he then usually sleeps for the rest of the night - with some exceptions e.g. when he had a cold last week he was very wakeful & wriggly.

But if I put him back into his cot, then he wakes every few hours. He doesn't always cry when he wakes these days. Now he stands up and shouts "Mummy, Mummeeeeeee!" grin

I'm an old softy really. And I figure, I like sharing a bed with another person, it's much nicer than sleeping alone, so I can see where he's coming from. We do have a vague plan to try to encourage him into his own bed at some point, but we haven't really tried. We didn't plan on co-sleeping (DP was worried he'd squash him!) but we kind of fell into it - particularly when we found that DS would sleep longer if he was in with us.

Sorry that was a bit of a ramble!

FWIW a friend of mine has both her newborn and her 2 1/2 year old in cots that go up against the bed. And I do know people who've co-slept with 2 kids. Perhaps not what you want to do, but it's certainly not impossible!

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