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I think there's something not quite right with my son. Dyspraxia?

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BelleDeChocChipCookieMonster Sat 20-Nov-10 23:26:17

He has classic signs of dysprxia. He knocks things over all the time, he's pain/touch sensitive, will only eat ham and bloody cheese sandwiches/pannini/toasties, he's clumsy, he can't be given more then two things to do at once or he gets into a flap, he's disorganised and messy and he doesn't help himself to food or drinks unless I do it for him. His limbs ache after a little walking and his hands become tired when he's writing. What do I do?

CurlyhairedAssassin Sat 20-Nov-10 23:27:22

How old is he?

BelleDeChocChipCookieMonster Sat 20-Nov-10 23:29:55

He's 11. I didn't think of this as the touch sensitivity has more or less gone. Shoe laces are a problem, as is eating with a knife and fork. He can do it, just finds it easier to eat with his fingers confused He's hypermobile and has flat feet if this helps (he's floppy!)

Doodlez Sat 20-Nov-10 23:33:08

Belle - no advice as such but if I can suggest one tiny thing which might make life a smidge easier for him:- locking laces. My DS uses these and they've been a God-send.

BelleDeChocChipCookieMonster Sat 20-Nov-10 23:35:04

I've found a shop that sells velcro shoes in his size! They last for ages aswell which is fab. I just wish he'd help himself to drinks and be organised to get himself ready for school without me having to do it all for him.

Doodlez Sun 21-Nov-10 00:02:22

OK - next bit of useful info i can offer....we went through a phase of wondering if our DS might be a smidge dysprxic, so I wote to the Dyspraxia Foundation and I got the following reply. (I'll cut and paste it for you). The lady all sent me some email attachments - I can give you my email address via MN messaging and then if you send me an email, I can forward the attachemnts to you:-

From: dyspraxia [] Sent: 25 November 2009 16:53To: '***** ***

'Subject: RE: Information request

Hi There is a brilliant book available called 'Can't Play, Won't Play whichgives many hints, tips and information to help the 'less social' child to access and enjoy activities. The Authors are Sharon Drew & Elisabeth Atter published by Jessica KingsleyISBN 9781843106012 Available from our webshop ( ) or to orderfrom any good book shop or local library. I have also attached some information for you

Kind Regards Lisa McCarthyGeneral AdministratorMembership Secretary & Local Group Coordinator

wannabeglam Sun 21-Nov-10 08:45:30

Sounds quite like my niece who has dyspraxia. Lots can do to help so I'd get a diagnosis asap.

LIZS Sun 21-Nov-10 08:51:43

Do you break things down for him - a checklist for his schoolbag(maybe do the evening before then recheck in morning), preschool routine and so on - so he has a visual prompt. ds(12) is similar but is now very good at organising himself, recently learnt to tie laces and make me a cup of tea. Sounds like he needs referring to an OT via gp /paed(deos he have one form hypermobile diagnosis), the sooner the better before he becomes resistant to help and gets teased.

BelleDeChocChipCookieMonster Sun 21-Nov-10 21:44:43

Sorry that it's taken me all day to get back.

He packs his bag in the evening so he's nt rushing in the morning. All he has to do is get himself dressed which he can manage. I literally do everything though, he will rarely make himself a drink so it's quite frustrating for me. He is getting better at finding his way around the school and getting to lessons on time, I have to take him to school though. He's finding it hard having to carry his bag around and walk up and down the stairs. The ham and cheese toasties does drive me bonkers. he does try other foods but only a little bit. The school are lovely though.

wannabeglam Thu 25-Nov-10 14:48:21

There are some good books on dyspraxia - try Amazon. Is he overweight? I do think you should get him assessed asap.

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