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6month having nightmares

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Hoiho100 Sat 20-Nov-10 16:24:51

I have a 6month old who apears to be having horrendous nightmares. My little darling literally screams in her sleep - i.e. i can turn the light on and talk to her but she's in full REM sleep.
I realise that she's probably reached the age where she relives thinks she's experienced during the day but I'm not sure what to do when she's having these nightmares! Do I wake her up (this normally invovles me picking her up and walking up and down talking to her for a few minutes as she's usually in a really deep sleep!) or do I leave her? Its 3 or 4 times a night.
Has anyone else had this problem in a young baby?
many thanks in advance for any advice

LittlebearH Sat 20-Nov-10 16:36:17

My DD did this. She grew out of it after about a month. Scared the hell out of us. Me and DP used to rush to her room only to find she was fast asleep!! Leave her, unless she wakes up fully crying.

Octaviapink Sun 21-Nov-10 11:05:46

Yes, leave her asleep - she'll be fine. Our dd used to have a regular yell every night at about 9pm which used to bring us tearing up the stairs only to find her still fast asleep.

Hoiho100 Sun 21-Nov-10 12:18:35

Thank guys. We're finding it hard but I think you're right - we should just leave her unless she wakes up completely. Hopefully it doesn't last long! smile

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