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school pick up

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fattybum Thu 18-Nov-10 15:59:11

aaargh! Usually school walk home is pretty pleasant, ds1, who's 4, is well behaved etc but as soon as we happen to walk home with another child he gets over excited, runs off ahead and doesn't stop when i tell him to, generally acts cocky and annoying. Because it doesn't happen often it's hard to put rules in place, and i never know when someone might walk home our way! As i say, on his own he's great.

bicky Fri 19-Nov-10 00:07:21

my ds is just the same and i lost him for a few minutes at the swimming baths last week, had a major flap but all was ok, i made him wear reins this week, like you this isnt a common occurence but i'm so scared he'll run out in front of a car, just hoping that its a phase i'm not too sure what else to do

SkyBluePearl Sat 20-Nov-10 07:08:16

praise good walking. reward him with half an hour of tv,choc buttons (as you walk along) or a banana milkshake if he makes it home without going crazy. No TV, fave toy or pudding if he can't behave. Follow through.

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