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Frustrated with 8mo and cup - hs been happily drinking from sippy cup, but is now refusing it.

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messylittlemonkey Thu 18-Nov-10 12:55:32


I'm getting a bit frustrated by DD2 and drinking from a cup.

She has always been formula fed. when we started weaning about three months ago, we started giving her water with her meals in a Tommee Tippee basic free flow sippy cup. She got the hang of this pretty quickly and until very recently was very good at drinking from it.

However, I started trying to use it for her afternoon milk feed and she absolutely refused to have it. I then thought if I could get her to have a little milk in her cup with meals (when she is used to drinking water from it) then that might crack it, but that hasn't worked either.

To add insult to injury, today she flatly refused to drink water form her cup at lunchtime, got in a right state, very upset, turning her head, clamping her mouth shut. she obviously now associates the cup with milk.

I'm frustrated as I feel like we're going backwards, especially as she was doing so well drinking water from a cup.

any ideas please?


nonanny Fri 19-Nov-10 01:51:55

I always used different cups for milk and water. I think that they like to know whats coming and which is which. Shame we can't ask them. 8 months is quite young to think of losing the bottle. Did yo think of using spouts with the bottle, if you are wanting to get off teats/ personally tho I don't think that 8mo is too late for a bottle and teat. Avent soft spouts fit into avent bottles and are better for when they get teeth.
I would go back to the water cup for water, but actually you can also start getting her drinking from an open top cuop that you hold for her during meals if you want. and if totally desperate t get water into her you can spoon it in with a dessert spoon.

messylittlemonkey Fri 19-Nov-10 16:05:35


I was only planning on giving her afternoon milk in a cup as recommended. She still has breakfast and evening in the bottle with a teat.

I did think about getting some spouts for the bottles - need to do that!

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