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What is the normal age range for saying a word or two?

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LeninGrad Wed 17-Nov-10 22:23:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SkyBluePearl Wed 17-Nov-10 23:03:07

9 months for us I think? sorry not sure what the average is tho. Both my boys said my cats name first.

hester Wed 17-Nov-10 23:05:23

Other than Mama? I think dd1 had a few words by 18 months. dd2 is 14 months and attempting her sister's name, plus 'ca' for cat.

But my kids are not geniuses grin

StealthPomBear Wed 17-Nov-10 23:09:18

Difficult to answer I think.
DD has been making sounds that are like words since about 9/10 months, but it's only been recently (14mo) that we've been convinced as she is using them often and consistently.

katiepotatie Wed 17-Nov-10 23:10:06

DD was talking in full sentences at 18 months, ds is 18 months now and only says a few words, mummy, daddy, Ollillia (Olivia) hello, bye,dog and roar! he is starting to say new things every day now though.
They are all different smile

StealthPomBear Wed 17-Nov-10 23:12:59

But sorry that's not what you're asking is it?

StealthPomBear Wed 17-Nov-10 23:13:39 Babys-First-Words this site]] claims 13-18 months

DontCallMeBaby Wed 17-Nov-10 23:16:17

Coming from a slightly different angle, I remember reading that the normal range of vocabulary for a 2yo was anything between 5 and 500 words - so I guess a child could be pretty close to 2 with no words and be in the normal range.

LeninGrad Thu 18-Nov-10 05:20:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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