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Just won't stop chatting ......

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Brewster Wed 17-Nov-10 08:21:49

My very bright 2.4 year old son is a lovely little lad, sweet and polite and has such a lovley character but he just does not stop talking.
He goes on and on and on. If he wants something he just sayd it over and over and over. Even if I answer him and explain he has to wait or yes we are on our way to the park or whatever.
I am not joking when I say he is often only quiet for a bout 5 minutes in an entire day!!
Even the childminder says he never stops chatting.

I know this is a good thing that he communicates so much but sometimes it just drives me mad. It is exhausting.

I just wanna know if anyone else has experienced this and how you delat with it.
I dont want to stop him communicating or crush his spirit or anything like that I just want a tiny bit more quiet in a day.....

myproblemblob Wed 17-Nov-10 08:43:09

I feel your pain.
DS is 2.10 conversation goes like this.

Mummy look train
me: yes x
mummy look a big bus
me:yes x very big bus
mummy look red car
me: yes x

This will go on and on and on and on ......

.. but of course I don't and just reply nice and calmly while developing a nervous twitch

My Ds too has no idea of waiting a few minutes and will just repeat himself until I either give in or raise my voice . I wish it didn't have to come to that

ds1 never did this so DS 2 is such a shock to the system I feel I have broken him somehow confused

cryhavoc Wed 17-Nov-10 08:52:26

My DD is 2.9 and is exactly the same. The entire day is a constant stream-of-consciousness conversation, broken up only with the occasional song...

There are times when it would be nice to have a little bit of peace, but for the most part I enjoy it. I'm sure the time will come when she is sullen and silent and I will be desperate for her to chatter to me!

Poshpaws Wed 17-Nov-10 08:58:53

Most young children are like this once they realise the power of communication. I have 3 DSs and they all chatter incessantly,even DS2 who had speech delay does not shut up.

smellyfeet Wed 17-Nov-10 09:01:37

DD who is 2.8 chats non-stop from waking up. I think I encourage her as well as I dont want to ignore her. Well, actually she has got to that stage when I dont reply she says "mummy, why are you not talking to me!"

She was not feeling well at nursery the other day and they knew instantly as she stopped talking.

Brewster Wed 17-Nov-10 09:37:14

Yes I know one day I am sure it will all end and he wont even wantto be in the same room as me let alone talk to me but oh my goodness some days I am at my wits end!!

Myproblemblob that is exactly how it is here.
He doenst play much on his own either. He wants us with him alot and I cantget that much done sometimes as he wants me to do it with him etc.

Brewster Wed 17-Nov-10 09:38:16

We do encourage it and talk lots back to him ad engage him but....some days .....agghhh


SkyBluePearl Wed 17-Nov-10 13:44:43

My 2.4 year old always has a lot to say and I quite enjoy it most of the time. It goes something like this ...

'legs little but when I big boy 3 on my birthday i get bike with no pedals balance bike and ride with you mumummy'

I do try and change the topic or give him little jobs sometimes.

Rockbird Wed 17-Nov-10 13:48:33

Can I join?

DD (2.10) has developed a habit of pretending to be deaf/foreign

Me - DD, will you please go and get your coat?
DD - Pardon? (with confused face)
Me - Please go and get your coat.
DD - Please go and... pardon?
DD - Please go and get my coat?

Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! She only does it to wind me up. And yet it's so funny that I have to leave the room and get the bloody coat myself

Orissiah Fri 19-Nov-10 08:59:35

I encourage chatterbox DD to chatterbox away to her toys :-)

FernieB Fri 19-Nov-10 11:55:09

Fairly normal I think - they do grow out of it a bit. My brother was the same as a kid and then monosyllabic as a teen (he doesn't say a lot now either) - we think he used up all his words when he was 2 grin

My kids have always been chatty and still are (they're 10). They rarely shut up and comment on everything. DH is the same - they must get it from him.

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