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Wee problem

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Beavermum Wed 17-Nov-10 01:14:28

DS 6 has always been a pain to get to go to the loo - basically too busy to waste his time. When smaller we tried firm reminders and positive reinforcement when did go to th eloo before desperate etc

Now however, it is a pain and today was the worst example to date. DH took him to tesco straight from school DS fidgeting so asked him if he wanted loo, no asked again a few minutes later. When at check out noticed big wet patch on torusers and said to DS you have wet your self DS said no. When they got in DS charged upstairs (knowing DH not happy)whipped of trousers and tried to nip past DH to put them in laundry basket.

DH asked again and DS admitted it, so DS said ok you lied and so your not going to beavers (v big deal). DS threw a massive strop so got another bollocking and told if didnt pack it in there would be no karate tomorrow.

Apparently DS v v quiet and pointedly went to the loo a number of times

Apart from the relief that I was at work it is frustrating. He then sat did his homework beautifully......which is also frustrating as he normally needs nagging.

PurpleTaipan Wed 17-Nov-10 01:37:52

I have a DS 5yrs.
I find he needs a lot of reminding to go to the toilet, and often doesn’t want to go if there is something good on the t.v, or if he thinks he will miss something.

At this age children will NOT say 'yes' to needing the toilet until they recognise the feeling of their bladder being full (for most DC this will be at the last minute.)

I have found talking to my DS about this has really helped. Letting him know that this is not how ‘‘big boys'’ behave and by rewarding him for going to the toilet/washing hands ect.
I never punish for having 'accidents' as it tends to make a huge deal out of it, and that becomes an issue, and then there is a vicious cycle.

Beavermum Wed 17-Nov-10 01:59:10

Agree re not punishing re accidents and we dont either e.g occassional wet bed or other day when out and couldn't find loo

DH v v easy going so know that today about the lying rather than the weeing

madwomanintheattic Wed 17-Nov-10 02:19:02

ds1 is nearly 9 and does this all the time. sad

your ds sounds as though he's got the message though. i can count on one hand the number of times ds has been to the loo voluntarily or answered 'yes' to the question 'do you need a wee?'

he doesn't even think about it - before we've finished the q, the answer is 'no' bang. out there.

a year ago he started soiling as well. i am so fed up with it. apols for hijack - glad your little man has just had a one-off. smile

Beavermum Wed 17-Nov-10 02:25:35

Poor you, its hard work.

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