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cluster feeding

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loopylo Sun 14-Nov-10 09:45:34

DD is now 5 weeks old. She started to get into a sleeping routine waking every 2.5-3hrs for feeds but the last 4 days she has fed constantly from midafternoon to 2-3am, then go 2 hrly until the morning. She put on 9 onz last week so I'm assuming my breast milk is ok. How long does this tend to last. She is also much more awake in the day so I was hoping she would sleep more at night.

Dotters Sun 14-Nov-10 14:04:57

5 weeks? Could well be a growth spurt, those last between 2 days and a week... hold on in there, you are doing a brilliant job feeling your DD and she will be getting everything she needs from you.

Galena Sun 14-Nov-10 17:07:21

We used to joke about 'grumpy o'clock' which was from about 5pm till 8pm. That was DD's cluster feeding time (never put on 9oz in a week though envy - and even now at 19mo is only 19lb!)

It gradually becomes easier, and you'll find once you start planning for it she'll stop doing it!

ginger2000 Sun 14-Nov-10 18:11:55

no advice but just to say that my 7wk old is exactly the same - today i have fed pretty constantly from midday apart from some 45 min naps. we rarely go more than 3 hrs even at night. no idea how long it will go on for although i do remember with dd, things got easier around the 3 month mark.

sorry - that probably seems like a lifetime away (it does to me!)

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