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screaming 3yr old

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tiredv Thu 11-Nov-10 20:29:21

my daughter has become a screamer. she excelled today screaming for 45 minutes. i have a 7month old and i know my daughters nose is out of joint but i really can't cope at the moment that and working full time. will this pass? help?

tryingtobemarypoppins2 Thu 11-Nov-10 21:01:42

Yes, everything passes in the end. For now put her elsewhere (safe place), ear plugs, wine and chocolate. Lots of positive praise, get out and about lots! Keep smiling

There Sat 13-Nov-10 04:06:12

My 3 year old daughter, who was as sweet as anything until two weeks ago, has started screaming EVERY evening - until her throat sounds sore. It's not a tantrum, just screaming. DD1 did trantruming at that age and did outgrow it, but it lasted a while, so don't hold your breath.

Pod1 Sat 13-Nov-10 05:24:03

My 3 year old has been screaming for the last hour. Feel so relieved that someone out there understands! This is her second night without dummies and has been worse than last night. We have a 5 month old and I think the screaming is classic attention seeking as she never did it before the baby arrived. It's amazing how long they can keep it up isn't it? I've been in tears a few times during the last few months as there seems to be no way to stop the screaming other than waiting for it to calm down. Don't know about you tiredv but our little screamer could shatter glass she's so loud! It's a miracle the baby's slept through all this.

Pod1 Sat 13-Nov-10 07:15:42

Daughter finally went to sleep 10 mins ago, just as son waking up for bf. He's never slept this long what a miracle. Tiredv does anything in particular set your daughter off? With mine it can be the smallest thing and seems to come out of nowhere. She's the model child at pre-school though. Do you find that there's no in between? Either angelic or horrible? It must be hard with working as well. I'm still on maternity leave and it's difficult enough. Love tryingtobemarypoppins2's suggestions. I agree that ignoring is the best way, but it's so hard.

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