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It's not fair - how come I've got another one of these babies?

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BollocksToThis Fri 29-Oct-10 10:22:28

Highly alert, refuses sleep, won't ever be still, even when carried she's grunting, arching her back, groaning, shouting. Wants to feed lots but she's given up falling asleep at the breast. Been trying to settle her for an hpur now but have to go and get DS in 45 minutes so may as well give up. She's not 6 weeks yet, DS was 6 months before the hell of overtired crying for hours every night passed, How will I get through this and look after a 3 year old too?

Have sling, have dark rooms, have white noise tapes.

RunningOutOfIdeas Fri 29-Oct-10 10:44:43

Sounds like reflux to me. The bad news is that it is not at all uncommon for more than one child to have it. So if your DS had reflux (which most grow out of by 6 months) then the chances are that your DD has it. There is a reflux thread in childrens health with really useful info. If you think it is reflux then a trip to the gp for treatment could make your days and nights much easier.

BollocksToThis Fri 29-Oct-10 10:52:48

Poor thing's in her moses basket in front of the tumble dryer for now. At least I'm getting some breakfast.

DS was never diagnosed with reflux - was never pukey, although because he couldn't lie down the doc gave us Gaviscon eventually and it made no difference.

It has crossed my mind, though, although DD doesn't puke either. She hiccups and has wet burps or sort of "gulps" constantly. And I mean she's never still. But she was totally fine until a couple of weeks ago when this started to creep in - same with DS, he was fine until 2.5 weeks of age. So I'm assuming just too alert.

But will look at the thread, thanks

Sorry, just really, really fucked off this morning.

Katisha Fri 29-Oct-10 10:58:03

Had this with DS1. Cranial osteopathy calmed him down quite a lot. (Although not to the point of becoming a good sleeper - just helped with the agitated grunting etc.)

MiasmARGGG Fri 29-Oct-10 10:58:20

Sounds like classic silent reflux to me

There are far more effective drugs than gaviscon, ask to see a different dr or ask for a pead refferal.

Hope things improve soon

BollocksToThis Fri 29-Oct-10 11:09:04

OK she's on my knee now. You reflux experts - can I list some stuff she does?

Sticks tongue out loads
"Pants" - fast breathing
Wide eyes
Flails arms at breast/tries to latch while pushing away
"Squeaks" as if choking
Has lots of wind (improved a bit by block feeding but poss coming back)
Very rarely sick
Can't lie flat unless tilted, prefers side or front, sleeps latched on most of night
Raspy breathing (hasn't cleared since a cold 2.5 weeks ago)

BollocksToThis Fri 29-Oct-10 11:09:45

Doesn't cry much but would if not held/carried all the time.

My poor 3 year old

MiasmARGGG Fri 29-Oct-10 11:19:47

My ds did all of those things too. It's because they are in pain

RunningOutOfIdeas Fri 29-Oct-10 11:20:56

Sounds exactly like my DD - silent reflux. She was unsettled from birth and it got a lot worse at 3 weeks. She was very rarely sick. Gaviscon did not help. At 8 weeks DD was put on ranitidine. This helped alot until she was 11 months. Then she put on omeprazole and was only finally able to come off it at 18 months. She still gets hiccups alot and when teething has some bad nights with bringing up stomach acid, but a drink of water is all she needs now.

There is a useful website for reflux:
I know some people have printed off pages from this website about the symptoms and treatment and taken them to their gp to get adequate help for their DCs.

BollocksToThis Fri 29-Oct-10 12:14:12

Thank you. I should see the GP with her then.

Hannispan Fri 29-Oct-10 19:30:48

How much milk do you have? Stupid question but I had an excessive milk supply which caused my baby to choke when she was feeding - she also had gastric reflux (the non silent one involving lots and lots of vomiting).

GreatGreenArkleseziure Fri 29-Oct-10 22:25:06

your dd has exactly same symptoms as ours did. it is classic reflux. luckily we were in SCBU and got a quick diagnosis and straight on meds
domperidone changed our lives!
she actually couldnt feed and had to have ng tube (due to prematurity) as we tried to feed her orally she got terrified and panicked as she associated anything in her mouth with the terrible pain of the reflux. arching back, wide eyes flaining and panting. she is now a bouncy hungry 6 mo loving her food!

allbie Sat 30-Oct-10 09:18:57

We had omeprazole which worked well.

BollocksToThis Sat 30-Oct-10 09:23:30

Thanks all. Hopefully GP will help. They were completely dismissive when I took DS with these problems.

RunningOutOfIdeas Mon 01-Nov-10 10:30:26

Hope you get a better response from your GP this time. You might have more success going armed with information so he is aware that you know that there are treatments available. Also make yourself nice and comfy in his office and refuse to leave until he does something!

fairimum Mon 01-Nov-10 10:38:30

GP will prob give gaviscon to start with and works for most, is ideal as doenst enter the blood stream like the stronger meds so only side effect is constipation which is very common so stock on lactulose, which again is great as doesnt enter blood stream, not a laxative just helps draw water into the bowel. should see improvement in about 3-4 days, as if reflux the acid will be burning on the way up to throat and way back down so will be sore and need to heal a bit.
sleep on an incline/bouncy chair worked lots of us too!
good luck xxx

BollocksToThis Mon 01-Nov-10 11:15:07

Thanks. Got Gaviscon from pharmacist so been giving it but so hard to get enough into her. Nappies hardly different 48 hours after starting so think she's succeeding in spitting lots out. Managed to get appt with with GP for Wed, and HV has been on the phone this morning and seems really clued up and supportive, so feeling more optimistic. Coupled with better day and only 2 hours up last night am hopeful we can help her more than poor DS.

Ealingkate Mon 01-Nov-10 11:20:59

Not sure if the other links would mention this but, I know that my sister-in-law DD1 has this sort of thing and that her GP/naturopath had her cut all kinds of things out of her diet, i.e. dairy, wheat, may be worth checking that side of things out as well??

larrygrylls Mon 01-Nov-10 11:22:10

Child gaviscon contains no antacid so does nothing for the pain. It is merely a "food stabiliser" which stops the food coming up again. I cannot see the point of that in "silent" reflux.

Ranitadine worked very well for our son, although he was of the vomiting reflux variety. We were also prescribed Domperidone but, from the studies I read, it was shown to add little and can cause cardiac arrhythmias.

Is omeprazole a new drug? We were never offered that one but it seems (from the other thread)to be a ranitadine alternative.

The only other things which helped were early weening and, finally, gravity. It just kind of faded away between 6 and 10 months, although I suspect he still gets the odd pain (16 months now).

welshandproud Mon 01-Nov-10 11:59:05

cranial osteopathy worked wonders for us too

pollywollywoowah Wed 03-Nov-10 20:33:29

How did you get on with your GP today?

JenniferCanesten Thu 04-Nov-10 00:35:09

DS was same, had baby gaviscon which helped, but once I gave up dairy (not as hard as I thought) he was totally fine, after a week or two. Also the bouncy chair.

it's hard isn't it!

BollocksToThis Thu 04-Nov-10 07:53:58

Hi, thanks for remembering me. The GP thinks the snuffly nose is cause of the problem rather than effect so we've to stop the Gaviscon and start saline drops. If no improvement in a week or two we've to go back. I'm sceptical but we did have a better day yesterday - whether Gaviscon related, dairy free since Saturday or fluke I don't know but DP and I watched a film last night! She had a good night too. Jennifer - it is much easier than I expected actually, although Rice Dream is utterly revolting!

JenniferCanesten Sat 06-Nov-10 19:36:23

I liked Alpro (sweetened) soya milk best out of all the brands, it doesn't curdle in tea or coffee.

DS is nearly 4 months and have started re-introducing dairy and doesn't seem to have an adverse effect although he had 3 poos this morning (sorry grin) so possible I have caused him to have the runs. He was pretty happy about it though. Previously he'd be screaming, gagging, foaming at the mouth, hating to lie on his back, etc within hour or two of me having dairy.

So if he's ok now, then either he's developing the necessary gut enzymes to digest cows milk protein, or dairy was never the problem in the first place... Is very inexact science, meh!

BUT...he was like a different baby so would definitely try.

JenniferCanesten Sat 06-Nov-10 19:41:20

Also, re: sleeping, you could try baby bed blocks I suppose to tilt the cot - not tried myself though.

DS slept in his bouncy chair pretty much all the time he was like that, did worry about his back, but in the end you have to prioritise the issues! I used to put him in the chair and then pick it up and swing it gently side to side and he would go to sleep v. quickly, was magic. HTH.

What did your gp say?

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