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Can a baby be too contented??

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Sugarmuppet Sat 02-Oct-10 08:25:13

Really starting to worry about my DD. Family and friend keep making comments about her being 'too contented'.

DD is now 8 months old (6 months corrected, she was 2 months early). She has slept through the night, at least 12 hours without exception since she was six weeks. She has now taken to sleeping 14 hours, 6pm - 8am! Even getting 3 teeth in 3 days was no problem to her, they just appeared. She has always fed every 4 hours, taking all her milk no problems. We started weaning at 6 months and she took to that easily, now managing lumps and having 3 meals a day. She was slow to smile (14 weeks), giggle (5 months), roll over (6 months) and in the last few days has mastered sitting up and pulling herself to standing. She very rarely cries, if I let her she would lie under her play gym or even just roll around the floor between feeds without asking for attention. Just now we are in bed, I have just given her her morning bottle and I am now having breakfast, she is just lying beside me stroking my cushions! She would quite happily stay like this for hours.

Is all this normal? I have had so many people telling me there must be something wrong with her, and the more I read about babies demanding attention and not like being put down, struggling to settle to sleep etc I wonder too. Is she not clever enough to know if she cries I will come? HV just says every baby is different. confused

Evenstar Sat 02-Oct-10 08:35:45

My DD was overdue and weighed 10lb 11oz, she was very similar to your little one. She was my second after a very alert and demanding first born. All she did was sleep and feed till she was around 6 months old, my health visitor's comment when I said that she was the nearest thing to an angel on this earth was that the Good Lord had looked down seen what I had already and thought I needed one! They are all different, we moved house when she was 3 months old and I had to wake her up for a feed at lunchtime. The removal men thought I had taken her to my friend's house until I produced her from behind a bookcase! Don't worry, she sounds lovely and they are all different. DD actually proved to be more academic than her "into everything" and always awake older brother and is hopefully off to university next year.

Sugarmuppet Sat 02-Oct-10 08:49:18

Thanks Evenstar My Mum keeps going on about how alert and into everything I was, and that I didn't sleep till I was nearly 2! However she says that was because my mind was over active and that is why I did so well at school. hmm Nice to see that isn't always the case!

p.s 10lb 11oz is making my eyes water. DD is only 12lb just now and the thought of carrying a baby that big is shock !

Evenstar Sat 02-Oct-10 08:55:46

DS1 did sleep well at night, which was probably just as well hmm! Just enjoy having a quiet life for now smile

gowest Sat 02-Oct-10 09:23:49

Crikey she sounds lovely - friends and family not so much. That's horrible sewing the seed of doubt in your head that there must be something wrong.

Even if there was (doesn't sound like it) - what would everyone expect you to do differently? She's a baby. Enjoy every precious moment.

Shitemum Sat 02-Oct-10 09:27:25

If she's 6 months old corrected and pulling herself up to a standing position then she sounds pretty advanced to me.

hillyhilly Sat 02-Oct-10 09:33:42

My DD was fairly similar to this, she is now 5, is enjoying school, reading well and has lots of friends.
It is only since I had her brother that I realise what a contented baby she was, even now she is much "stiller" than him by which I mean if ever you lose her (at home) she will be sitting somewhere reading a book or occasionally playing, if you lose him, he is up to no good, flooding a bathroom or drawing on the carpet!!
My main challenge is to ensure that she is active enough, she loves to do stuff out and about but at home does not move so much!
She was late to walk (17 months) and I used to despair when I took her to gymboree because all the other kids would be crawling all over, exploring and she would sit watching them all and taking it all in.
Every child is different, yours sounds absolutely adorable and if you are having an "easier time" of it than others just be thankful! Not every baby is totally demanding, won't sleep and screams for hours, but those are the ones you tend to hear about - I was braced for that experience and was pleasantly surprised by my daughter!!

Sugarmuppet Sat 02-Oct-10 09:52:53

Thanks all, as you say Gowest its the seeds of doubt that spead quickly! Shall just enjoy her then!! Although if you have a look at pic in profile taken this morning she looks positively wild!! Maybe now she has found her feet things will change!

sunshineandshowers Sat 02-Oct-10 10:29:35

My DS was like this. Now 3. Everyone said what a contented little baby, but no one said too contented. She sounds lovely. Enjoy her.

SacharissaCripslock Sat 02-Oct-10 10:33:31

My DS3 was like this. My dad had me all worried as he thought there was something wrong with him. hmm He was just a really chilled out boy. He's almost 3 now and dear God he is WILD now. My mum kept saying he would make up for it by being a wild todder and she is so right. grin

I say enjoy you calm and contented DD just in case it doesn't last. winkgrin

SacharissaCripslock Sat 02-Oct-10 10:34:31

Sugarmuppet, had a look at your photos and your DD is GORGEOUS. grin

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Sat 02-Oct-10 10:36:43

Ah she sounds lovely. smile

Nellykats Sat 02-Oct-10 11:28:50

She's beautiful and with a lovely playful smile!

bruffin Sat 02-Oct-10 11:29:59

My DD was a very contended little baby as well. Slept well and my dad who used to look after her for a day every two weeks said he never heard her cry until she was 2.
Once she learnt to crawl she was into everything.

Wanderingsheep Sat 02-Oct-10 11:43:55

She's absolutely beautiful! smile

She just sounds like a happy little girl! Next time anyone says anything (they just sound jealous, btw) just say, "well, it's just because I'm a great mum and I've done everything right!" wink

happygilmore Sat 02-Oct-10 13:32:24

What a gorgeous girl you have. It must have been really quite stressful having her early, it's a pity people can't be happy for you that she's healthy and happy!!

Sugarmuppet Sat 02-Oct-10 14:27:30

Def don't recommend having babies early! Much stress! That said probably have the hospital to thank for her being in such a good routine early on!

Had a shitty pregnancy and then an early labour so maybe this is just our time for good luck! Might be in for a hellish few toddler years?!

Had a friend over earlier and you could see her jaw hit the floor when I just popped DD in her cot and shut the door for her nap. It is really that unusual? Friend said she spent much of her DS first year patting his bum trying to get him to sleep shock Don't fancy that much!

Thanks all for positive comments, feeling much reasured!

Firawla Sat 02-Oct-10 17:49:05

i do the same for naps just put him down & close the door, i dont see it as a bad thing if they are generally contented (though wouldnt say mine is quite as laid back as yours but similar to a lesser extent) she sounds great maybe people are just jealous

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 02-Oct-10 17:54:23

Message withdrawn

Sugarmuppet Sat 02-Oct-10 19:22:14

It has been implied that she isn't developing mentally the way she should? That babies can't be that good so there must be something wrong? A small baby shouldn't be happy to sit by themselves for long periods of time? (Not that I do leave her, but say long enough to have a coffee with a friend and she doesn't object at all) She is my first baby, so I don't have any personal experience.

My mother even came to clinic the other week with us to 'ask the HV herself' about what DD should and shouldn't be doing. blush

carrotsandpeasifyouplease Sat 02-Oct-10 19:42:42

wow, i'm jealous! enjoy.

nickytwotimes Sat 02-Oct-10 19:46:51

my first was like that,
now a rowdy but lovely 4 yr old.

baby no. 2 however...

so rnjoy!

CrispyTheCrisp Sat 02-Oct-10 19:50:34

My DD was always pretty contented (other than colic). She was 4 weeks early and slept 7-7 from about 8 weeks. Always happy in a bouncy chair listening to music and watching the world. Happy in her buggy or a high chair if I had coffee and chat with friends and no need for constant 'entertainment'

It sounds like she is developing fine with rolling and sitting, so enjoy her smile

DD1 is a very energetic nearly 4 year old, talks constantly, but still pretty contented smile

Her younger sister however didn't sleep through the night until 19 months <sigh>

Sugarmuppet Sat 02-Oct-10 19:52:52

Thank you all! Shall just relax and enjoy!

Sadly will prob never be a DC2 Been advised that risk to me and chances of DC2 coming too early are too great

maxpower Sat 02-Oct-10 19:52:55

my DD was very contended, much like your LO sounds. I'm praying that DC2 due in Dec will be the same! Enjoy it.

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