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Scratch Mitts - still on?!

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Butterflymm Mon 06-Sep-10 06:36:13

Hi there my LO is 10 weeks old and is terrible for scratching her face. Even at rest she tries to dog her nails in and drag them across her face so I am constantly on and off again with the scratch mitts. I take them off as I want to help her learn and feel around as I know this is a big part of jet development.
I have been hoping she will stop scratching as on occasion her mitt has come off (as they do as she has tiny hands and even the tiniest of mitts are big) and if she plays with het face/ is crying ready for a feed - anytime really she scratches herself so badly she can bleed!

I keep her nails trim and like I said I try and have period with them off but if I don't ever have them on the damage to her face is significant and makes her really cry.

What age did others have their LOs out of mitts and is there a knack/ should I just let het learn? It just seems cruel to not protect her but on the opposite of that I don't want to stop her from learning so she can naturally stop scratching.

Any tips etc welcome please as we are also dealing with hip dysplasia which has been a major focus but this is just something I have been concerned about.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 06-Sep-10 06:49:27

Why is she scratching? Is it possible she's got very dry skin which is itchy. Have you tried anything to relieve the itching?

We didn't bother with scratchmitts but then our DC never scratched. I would suggest you ask the GP to look into why she is scratching. Solve this and your problem goes away.

Warmseabreeze Mon 06-Sep-10 06:49:27

Morning not sure if it is a big problem to keep them on constantly but was just going to suggest getting sleep suits from Next or Sainsburys as they have a section on the cuff that u fold over to become a scratch mitt, so much easier to keep on. The Next ones r really effective and are on 3-6 mth ones too, in the Sainsburys one little fingers escaped. X

FunkyCherry Mon 06-Sep-10 22:26:53

I've just bought some from Sainsbury as our 10wk old is the same.
Tend to keep her hands covered overnight as thats when she does the most damage and uncover them for her to play.
Not sure what to suggest, but you're not alone.

memphis83 Wed 08-Sep-10 16:56:39

boots scratchmitts are small and they tend to stay on the best imo, i put them on when i know my lo is getting tired and while asleep when he is first awake and smiley i give him time without them

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