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Nervous twitch?

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sueanna Thu 31-Jul-03 20:05:59

My DD now nearly 11mths has just started to want to walk (in the last week) and is try at every opportunity. Coincidentally, she has also developed a funny sort of mouth twitch where both sides of her mouth pull outwards, sometimes accompanied with a shivver. It is happening more and more often, sometimes when she's doing something 'normal' like eating.
Has anyonelse experienced this? Shold I be concerned? Is it normal? Am I overreacting?

justmummy Thu 31-Jul-03 20:18:01

Both of my children quite often did a big shiver when having a wee. Maybe the mouth twitch is just her concentrating on this. When you get that very concentrated look they do when pooing see if you can notice the shiver then.

Jimjams Thu 31-Jul-03 20:22:19

She probably just likes the feel of it- at this age babies often seem to develop funny little habits which soon disappear.

I wouldn't worry unless it doesn't disappear in the next month or so (and even then I wouldn't particularly worry). The only other thing I can think of is whether she's reacting to a stimulus- ds1 goes very twitchy when overstimulated by light (it has taken us 4 years to realise this though!) Could she be sensitive to a strip light or anything? - lots of people are (including my mum as well as ds1).

fio2 Thu 31-Jul-03 20:39:34

my ds does this when he gets over excited and I think its hilarious Dont worry about it.

sueanna Thu 31-Jul-03 22:14:37

Thanks, everyone. I'll try to be cool about it.
It's just the frequency that's concerning me most. I'll wait a few weeks and see how she does.
Thanks again

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