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when do babies/children enjoy the cinema/theatre?

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miranda2 Wed 30-Jul-03 16:17:18

Ds is just 2 - is that too young to take him to either? Will he sit through an hour or so show? Is he going to be panto age this Christmas? I can't wait to be able to go to the theatre with him - I used to love it when my dad took me to ballets, concerts, puppet theatres etc. But I can't remember how old I was - older than 2 presumably or I wouldn't remember it.

lilibet Wed 30-Jul-03 16:23:59

I think it depends on the child, my dd now 14, was about 3, when I first took her to the cinema and she loved it, sat that still and quiet I thought she had fallen asleep, but she was just transfixed. Ds's on the other hand both had ants in their pants so young and would have spoiled it for all around them. They are both fine now tho' at 6 and 10. How is he at sitting watching a video?

daisylawn Wed 30-Jul-03 16:24:59

I think the age a child is ready varies hugely from child to child. My dd is only just getting up the courage to sit through a short show at age nearly 4.
A friend's nearly 3 year old however enjoyed the panto, was the first to run up on stage and sang a song!
Best to try him out with a cheap local show first and see if he likes it IMO!

outofpractice Wed 30-Jul-03 16:25:30

I first took ds to the circus (2 hour show) at 13 months. He was enthralled but fell asleep after 1.5 hrs, which allowed me to watch the rest of the show in total relaxation! Since then, he has been to about 4 other circuses, three pantomimes, and many children's puppet shows. He is 3 now. We do not have a TV so he is not very used to sitting passively still, but I think that live performances are particularly entertaining, and a live audience all quiet and still encourages the child to behave. We have been to see IMAX shows twice, and each time he was a bit restless after an hour. I think your ds will enjoy it, but you should chat to him first about how people behave at the theatre.

ThomCat Wed 30-Jul-03 16:31:27

I took Lottie to see 'The Little Polar Bear' when she was just over 1. She lasted 25 mins. until she got fed up, (it was coming up to her nap time) she really loved it. Sat here eating her organic puffs and lying back on me, didn't take her eyes off screen apart from to look at other kids. She was really excited by it at some points and others just laying back on me chilled and obviously enjoying it.

nerdgirl Thu 31-Jul-03 11:10:57

Took both my boys to the cinema when they were two years old. No problems. By the time the excitement of the spectacle started to wear thin, they discovered the popcorn and happily munched and watched for an hour and a half. Piglets Big Movie is really lovely. They both enjoyed it and they are 5 and 3 now.

janinlondon Thu 31-Jul-03 11:30:16

DD was not quite 3 when I took her to the movies -she lasted all of five minutes and then screamed the place down. I think it was too dark? At 3 and 1 month she was begging to be taken, and lasted all through Stuart Little 2 without so much as a whisper. In the space of 3 months she had grasped the concept and conquered her fear. All kids are different though. Hope this helps.

Batters Thu 31-Jul-03 11:48:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Batters Thu 31-Jul-03 11:49:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maizie Thu 31-Jul-03 11:59:33

DS was just under 3 when he went to the cinema for the first time. I explained about the dark, lots of people, big TV screen, etc, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Has been loads of times since.
Took DD for the first (and only time!) when she was 3 and 1/2. By the time the film started she had already had enough! She walked up and down, flung herself onto the ground, kept asking for food, the toilet, to go home....
Grandma is taking DD to see Piglet next week. I wish her good luck!!

JaneLucy Fri 01-Aug-03 06:30:58

Dd2 went to the cinema for the first time last weekend to see the Piglet movie. She is 2.5. Sat through the very long adverts and trailers, then asked if it was time to go home, but settled down again for the film. She sat still enough, but perhaps enjoyed popcorn more than the movie. Lots of loo breaks, though. I was surprised how well she sat still -- she doesn't enjoy TV much. I think the example of DD1 and friend (both4.5) helped.

In films aimed at small cildren, lilke Piglet, the same standards of behaviour are not required. No one minds whispered conversations, lots of trips to the loo, etc. Its not like going to the Opera! Go, but be prepared to leave if your child absolutely hates it.

Ghosty Fri 01-Aug-03 06:55:21

I took DS to see the Wiggles live show when he was 2 and 8 months and he hated it. Too scary ... too many people ... too loud ....
We took him to see The Jungle Book 2 at the cinema when he was 3 and a half and he loved it ... sat through the whole thing munching his popcorn .... and the same with Piglet 4 weeks ago!!

CAM Fri 01-Aug-03 20:07:25

I started at nearly 2 with my dd for the panto and nearly 3 for the cinema, 4 for the ballet and she loved it all but it really does depend on the child, some sit still transfixed and some are not so keen till older. There's only one way to find out!

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