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Scared of loud noises from other kids

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mammamia25 Thu 26-Aug-10 20:41:49

My dd (3) has always been very sensitive and clingy and hated loud sudden noises. She's just starting to become more confident at interacting with other children in the park etc, but if they start screaming with excitement - as many 3yr olds seem to do! - or even being a little bit loud,she gets really upset. It's the same at toddler groups we've been going to for ages too, so I'm getting (even more) anxious now about how she'll cope at pre-school. Anyone else experienced this, and seen it get better?

maryfarquhar Thu 26-Aug-10 21:12:17

My DS1 was like this. Came out of himself gradually at preschool and 2 years later is a sweet, affectionate, sensitive in all the right ways, confident little boy right in the centre of the action.

I found talking/debriefing through experiences at the end of the day and talking about things I found scary and loud too (made up a few stories about a boy who was very loud and a bit naughty when I was at school) so giving him the ok to feel like he did rather than chivying him out of it but at the same time giving him confidence that he could deal with it too (just the act of talking about whatever had upset him calmly seemed to help him process it). Sounds easy when you right it down - was a worry at the time though!


mammamia25 Thu 26-Aug-10 21:23:52

Thanks. I've been doing the debriefing but when we get to discussing different ways of reacting she just says No and closes up. Your suggestion about giving examples about myself is a good one, I'll try that.
Glad things worked out for your ds!

maryfarquhar Thu 26-Aug-10 21:35:30

DS also didn't welcome any suggestions!! I did the stories in a very hum drum almost offhand way - made them a bit funny - the unspoken implication being that these things are just part and parcel of life and we deal with them.

Good luck - don't be too anxious.

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