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Anyone else think age guides on toddler/childrens puzzles are wrong?

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asouthwoldmummy Tue 24-Aug-10 16:23:44

My DS is 2.2. I have thrown away all of the boxes of 2 piece puzzles as tbh he could do them without even trying. He has a tin 2, 3 and 4 piece ones and even the 4 piece are too easy (they're 18 months - 3 yrs supposedly). He also has three 12 piece puzzles, from age 3. Two of these he has recently started doing by himself, the third he only really needs minimal help with.
Is my DS a genius or would anyone else agree that age guides on some puzzles are just ridiculous?

TheFallenMadonna Tue 24-Aug-10 16:25:52

2 piece puzzles?

StealthPolarBear Tue 24-Aug-10 16:27:00

you can get them, we have some where they're just animals in two pieces, from 18m I think.
DS is 3y4m and I think can now do 4 piece ones so your DS is very clever.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 24-Aug-10 16:27:06

Sorry - obvioujsly your DS is a genius grin

activate Tue 24-Aug-10 16:27:51

it's based on the size and manufacture of the pieces and whether they can meet the exacting standards of an under 3 toy

most 2 year olds are very capable of doing big many piece puzzles - but they're aged 3 plus because of the cost of making them for under 3s

ShatnersBassoon Tue 24-Aug-10 16:29:57

The ages on them are a broad suggestion, hence the wide age range on those for very young children.

sethstarkaddersmum Tue 24-Aug-10 16:32:45

'most 2 year olds are very capable of doing big many piece puzzles'

mine must be thick then....

StealthPolarBear Tue 24-Aug-10 16:33:50

mine too ssam
well not thick, jigsawly challenged

asouthwoldmummy Tue 24-Aug-10 16:36:17

Seth - all children are different. DS was quite behind with his physical development and a little behind with his speech. It's more than likely yours are forward elsewhere, it all evens out in the end anyway!

activate Tue 24-Aug-10 16:37:07

oh that's a shame - they'll never pass their jigsaw exam you know - you should look at tutoring

ShatnersBassoon Tue 24-Aug-10 16:37:43

It doesn't all even out. I'm still rubbish at jigsaws

asouthwoldmummy Tue 24-Aug-10 16:38:31

Why do some people have to be so pissy?

StealthPolarBear Tue 24-Aug-10 16:40:10

lol SB

LadyintheRadiator Tue 24-Aug-10 16:40:29

My DS got an A in jigsaws at age 2 wink

No really, don't give the age ratings a second thought, my DS is great with puzzles but my friend's DD of the same age is totally uninterested - but she does amazing drawings, whereas my DS's are a bit on the scary side

EddieIzzardismyhero Tue 24-Aug-10 16:43:33

I think age ranges on most children's toys are crazy - once you're past the baby stage everything seems to be for age 3 plus, trying to buy presents for a two year old is a nightmare!

DS1 (who is 2.2) loves puzzles but then I was a total puzzle nerd for years so I know where he gets it from blush!

TheFallenMadonna Tue 24-Aug-10 16:48:21

I wasn't trying to be pissy. I was a bit confused at the thought of a 2 piece jigsaw, because, well, I've never seen one.

I agree that age ratings should be approached with some caution (like with clothes wink), but I also smirk at people whose children always have activities (I was going to say toys, but that would be too frivolous a word) that are a good few years too difficult for them. You want something that's ability if not age appropriate at least.

asouthwoldmummy Tue 24-Aug-10 17:01:37

Sorry madonna, it was aimed at activate rather than you. I wasn't bragging, and tbh I really don't care if anyone's DC is a genius or completely stupid, it was just a genuine question!

smallwhitecat Tue 24-Aug-10 17:05:36

Message withdrawn

activate Tue 24-Aug-10 18:44:43

you called me pissy because I bothered to answer your question? well fuck you very much

AlgebraRocksMySocks Tue 24-Aug-10 18:48:53



my DD has never been into jigsaws much but in general I don't follow age guidelines on toys (actually started a thread on it recently) they are purely due to legal reasons.

EdgarAllenPop Tue 24-Aug-10 18:50:01

DD1 evidently needs a Jigsaw coach activate - could you recommemd a good one?

bruffin Tue 24-Aug-10 19:10:25

My DD burnt her had at 2.4 and got obsessed with puzzles when she was bandaged up for some reason. Went from doing 2 pieces to 5+ (tiny pieces ) ones in a matter of weeks. DS was always uninterested.

DD did actually have 2 piece puzzles, they were animal shapes in two pieces that went together like a jigsaw.

Adair Tue 24-Aug-10 19:31:24

Both ds and dd could do a 12 piece puzzle by 2 (dd 24 piece). However, dd would do them happily independently. Dd only with me but still wants to do them with me sitting right next to him hmm.

At 2, dd would do her puzzle mountain (four or five puzzles all mixed up) religiously every night. She still does puzzles now at 4 but not so often and not that any more pieces tbh - maybe 50/60 or 100 occasionally?. Drawing is her thing now, and making. She has v good spatial awareness but it was the concentration and dedication that was unusual for her age then IMVHO. Agree age guidelines are mostly about safety.

And they both enjoy playing with 2 piece puzzles too!

FallingWithStyle Tue 24-Aug-10 19:38:06

I wonder of there is a link between size of feet and jisaw ability?

My theory is that children with small feet are better at puzzles than their boat-footed peers.
Kids with massive flapper feet probably have less blood flow to the jigsaw-solving part of the brain because it all pools in their -rather mad and unresonable- gigantic feet.

Adair Tue 24-Aug-10 19:41:04

be careful with size of feet judgement - someone apparently got flamed for that grin

(though true with my two wink)

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