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Silly loud behaviour, talking rubbish, not listening... Normal 8 year old boy behaviour?

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fluffyhamster Fri 20-Aug-10 14:58:49

DS2 has just turned 8.

He used to be a fairly quiet, shy little thing - perhaps a bit too shy - and lacking in confidence.

He has changed in the last few months.

He is always shouting. Whinges rather too much. Arguing back about everything.
Seems obsessed with 'rude' noises, bottoms, willies - lots of silly giggling and made up words with his friends.
And in fact he seems to be talking utter rubbish lots of the time e.g.

Me: "Where are your football boots, DS?"
Him: "They're in the hairy bottom cupboard..." <disintegrates into fits of silly laughter....>

I don't really like it. It won't go down well at school. I don't remember DS1 being like this.

DS2 struggles a bit socially and academically, and I guess I'm a bit worried he's developing this silly behaviour to mask some other insecurities?

Or are all 8 year old boys like this?

How long does it last? <sigh>

rainbowinthesky Fri 20-Aug-10 14:59:50

Sounds a bit like dd (6).

fluffyhamster Fri 20-Aug-10 15:02:48

Yes - he seems a bit immature at times. I keep telling him that his friends will not want to play with him if he keeps being so silly.....

Takver Fri 20-Aug-10 16:29:07

I hate to say that if his friends are anything like dd's it'll go down a storm . . . Sounds exactly like the conversations they have all the time grin

Latootle Fri 20-Aug-10 22:45:08

dont worry they are discovering the real world just ignore it or make um noises now and then,

Nemofish Fri 20-Aug-10 23:58:35

Normal 8yr old behaviour.

My dh still does this, and he's 44. smile

MadameSin Sat 21-Aug-10 16:12:01

Whilst I think it's pretty normal and very probably a phase for your ds ... my ds2 is similar. To cut a long story short he lacks confidence in the classroom and struggles to keep up academically. He's social skills are still 'developing' although he loves being around other kids and really enjoys their company. Personally, I believe my son has developed these traits as a 'mask' to make up for the other areas he finds tricky. He makes the other kids laugh and therefore enjoys the attention and gratification. I also think the older they get, the more aware they are of their 'issues' and develop coping strategies to help them. These are obviously my own experiences which may or may not help with your original question. Good luck anyway wink

fluffyhamster Sat 21-Aug-10 17:06:27

MadamSin - it sounds very similar to my DS, and I think exactly the same - he's discovered he can get attention by being silly...

The problem is, I've seen firsthand how it can backfire later on - I have DS1 (10) and there's a similar lad in his class. Problem is that they are all now bored with his silliness and he is getting alienated sad.

I'm not sure quite how to play it with DS2? I don't want to demolish his 'coping' strategies, but I don't think this is a particularly good one... sad

MadameSin Sun 22-Aug-10 11:32:54

Yes, I can see my ds's behaviour alienating him if it continues. The other kids mature and his still acting the 'goon'. As a parent, we just have to talk to them and explain why some of the behavior is inappropriate. I do lots of chatting about acceptable behaviour with my ds and I think some of it gets through. I always pick him up on it as it happens so it's fresh in his mind. Can't be in the classroom though, so that's down to a good teacher to handle well and thus far we've only had one of those sad We live and learn ... it's just harder when it's our own children that are learning the hard way. It WILL be ok! wink

MrsS01 Sun 21-Aug-11 12:13:51

Fluffy Hamster - I've just posted something very similar! My DS (8) is exactly the same. In most ways he's a sensible behaved boy, good academically, makes friends etc. But the silliness in his behaviour, whingeing, answering back seems to have increased recently. I'm forever saying stop being silly these days. I try to praise him when he's sensible hoping that will get through and ignore the silliness (though I don't think you can do this all the time). Maybe we can support each other through this phase. I'm hoping its just a phase and seems worse as the girls in his class seem to be quite mature.

Nathan1993 Sun 29-Jan-17 18:47:56

My 8 year old boy is very loud. I understand when he is playing with Lego, playmobil etc that he's using his imagination but even if he sits on the Xbox for his allowance time he talks the whole time he is on there. Its continuous and loud. I feel awful trying yo quieten him down all the time because his imagination is good. He also says things over and over again. Although his behaviour is good. I am starting to worry if there is something I should be doing something different with him? Anyone have the same with their 8 year old?

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