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DD2 5mths night waking.. please help

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WEENEENIE Wed 18-Aug-10 11:26:17

DD1 is 3yrs now and slept thru the night from 8wks (lucky us)however DD2 is 5months and I can't remember the last time I slept thru the night though it has happened a handful of times. Feed her 6oz at 9pm (she then sleeps)then top her up at 10.30pm (still practially asleep)with another 5-6oz and put her down with dummy. Settles fine. Wakes at least 5 times from 3am onwards and now have ended up giving her a feed anytime between 4am-6am just to get me back to sleep. I previously suffered panics and depression (unrelated) but due to complete lack of sleep I'm now beginning to suffer again. Don't think I'm being unreasonable by wondering why my 5mth DD2 won't sleep through the night. any advice please? xx

mama2mooandbabymoo Wed 18-Aug-10 12:37:01

Could she be cold? For us this was what woke our dd2 when she was 3mo. We put an extra layer on her and she was fine.

I know how you feel. Its horrible when you have a serious lack of sleep. Is there anyone who could have them both for a few hours one day to let you nap?

Zil131 Wed 18-Aug-10 14:02:24

All I can say is that siblings are different... My DS1 also slept from 8 weeks; and my DS2 is now 8 months are we are just embarking on 'sleep training' (which is a hotly debated topic).
It is hopefully just a phase. Mine got slightly better on weaning (still wont sleep through though); and especially when the HV advised me to try to 3 good meals involving carbs (Pasta, pototo, rice etc). So you are not that far from introducing solids...

Try to get DH to allow you a lie in on a weekend, and as mama2 says, try to get naps in the day. I know it's really hard (I'm there with you..), but it will get better.

WEENEENIE Fri 27-Aug-10 16:21:12

Thanks guys for your help. I moved DD2 into her own room, fed her Heinz Baby Creamed Porridge then milk for her last 2 feeds before going down at night and low and behold! A few nights sleep!! I wonder that
1. She was cold (she wriggles and rolls)
2. Hubby's snoring woke her (awful)
3. Her tummy just wasn't full enough with milk alone.

I believe that getting up to put the dummy in only led to very very short term relief so I've endeavoured to let her cry a short while if she wakes up (i hear that's a controversial thing to do - just like feeding her porridge before bed) but it works as she soon rolls over and goes back to sleep without the dummy! wa hey! xx Panic attacks have stopped (fingers crossed) since having 1 night's full sleep. Unfortunately I dont' have any family around who can allow me to sleep during the day as DH works full time and no other family close by. DD1 has started 2.5hrs nursery everyday now too so it's a relief to have a little quiet time for 2.5hours plus she's nackered after nursery so occasionally naps in the avo (though never at the same time as DD2). Thanks again for all your advice. xxx

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