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7 month old not showing signs of sitting

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bell77 Tue 17-Aug-10 23:12:09

Hi all

When I saw my HV last month she said that by 6/7 months he should be showing signs of sitting.

He is nowhere near it and now I am becoming completely paranoid! He holds his head well and sits in a high chair to have his food and will sit propped up with cushions. But he hates 'tummy time' and just loves being on his back and slightly rolling side to side (but not completely over)! Before I saw the HV I always had the feeling that he will just do it in his own time and as long as he was active and moving aroung a lot(which he does) Then I shouldn't be worried. Now I am not so sure.

Am I just worrying about nothing?

colapips Wed 18-Aug-10 00:19:50

I can only reassure you from my experience, my dd did not sit up unaided until 9 months old, did not crawl, shuffle or anything, and then at 14.5 months old got up and walked with no hesitation. I'm sure she was practicing in secret grin.

Now at 13, she is very sporty, and very academic, so no problem other than she didn't before then.

stleger Wed 18-Aug-10 00:31:32

My ds sat at about 10 months and walked at 17 months - but could climb earlier. He was born just after the 'Back to Sleep' campaign kicked in (he is 18) and my HV reckoned it was leading to later sitting/walking...

bell77 Wed 18-Aug-10 10:15:37

Thank you so much I feel so much better x

Plumm Wed 18-Aug-10 10:29:42

DD didn't like tummy time but I gave her 5 mins of it a day and she soon got used to it. I can't remember when she first sat up but she was walking at 10 months so I think it does help. Can you give him a short burst of tummy time every day.

greentriangle Wed 18-Aug-10 10:49:32

No need to worry. My kids sat nicely at 10 months, no signs at 7 months. They didn't crawl either, both of them just got up and walked.

StealthPolarBear Wed 18-Aug-10 10:52:03

DS did sit a couple of days after 6 months but showed no signs at all until he actually did it - DD on the other hand seemed to be trying to sit for months before she actually did it. So some babies just seem to do it in one go!

Species8472 Wed 18-Aug-10 11:29:14

My DD didn't sit unaided until 8m, didn't roll over properly until 9m and only started crawling forwards just before 12m. She also hated being on her tummy. 13m now and no signs of walking, but she can crawl at top speed!

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